BSAC’s MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver training is your first step into the silent world of rebreather diving. It’s a great way to learn the basics about closed-circuit rebreathers.

The MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver course teaches a qualified open-circuit diver to dive with an AP Vision rebreather (EVO, EVP or XPD). You will get a thorough grounding in rebreather technology, alongside unit-specific training, and learn how to adapt your existing diving skills to a new world where you benefit from always breathing an optimum gas mix.

To enrol on the MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver course you must have successfully completed a BSAC Sports Diver course, or equivalent, with 35-metre depth certification. You also need to be an Accelerated Decompression Diver or Advanced Nitrox Diver, or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency.

You’ll learn to safely dive with a closed-circuit rebreather. This will include decompression and gas planning with plenty of practice to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities. You can choose to dive with either air or trimix as a diluent which will allow you to reach maximum depths of 40 and 45 metres respectively.

The MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver course includes nine theory sessions covering topics such as physics, physiology, dive conduct and potential kit problems. There are also two dry practical sessions to help with preparing and maintaining your rebreather.

New skills are introduced by two sheltered-water training dives which are then followed by either six or seven open-water dives. This will ensure that you have plenty of in-water time to practise the skills and discipline needed for CCR diving.

Throughout the course, you will work closely with your instructor to achieve the skills and knowledge necessary to safely dive as a MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver.

A MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver is competent to plan and conduct CCR dives, including those with mandatory decompression, using an AP Vision rebreather. You will also be able to rescue another CCR diver from depth.

If you complete the course with air as the diluent gas then you will be able to progressively build up to a maximum depth of 40 metres. Completing the course with 20/35 trimix as the diluent will allow this to be extended to 45 metres.

You could do this course at a regional event, local club or a Technical centre. Not all clubs and technical centres run MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver courses, so please check if you are interested.

Alternatively, find a tech instructor near you to arrange your training.

Not a BSAC member? You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining via a local club. Find a club.

Students will be given a pack of supporting learning materials. You will need full open-water dive kit suitable for local conditions, an AP Vision rebreather and an appropriate bailout cylinder.

Your next steps – developing your skills 

After completing a MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver course and consolidating your skills, your options for club diving significantly expands.


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