BSAC’s Primary Donate Workshop (PDW) is for twin-set divers who would like to use this technique for their alternate supply, and where they take an active part in making a regulator available to an out-of-gas dive buddy.

The workshop has been designed to complement the Twin-set Diver course.

Doing the course has advanced my diving to give a better understanding of different techniques. This lets me choose the right setup for the right dive more effectively than ever before.

— Daniel Jarman

The Primary Donate Workshop (PDW) introduces an already qualified Twin-set Diver (using a back or side mount set up), or someone who is taking the Twin-set Diver course, to an alternative method of deploying the alternate supply (AS). 

The BSAC preferred method is where the out-of-gas diver takes the AS from stowage, and this will still be taught as the main technique in the BSAC Twin-set Diver course. However, it’s important that if divers choose to use primary donate (PD), they do this safely and with a buddy who is comfortable with the technique.

The Primary Donate Workshop covers donation from the mouth and stowage and how to reconfigure PD equipment for the more common BSAC alternative supply take system. 

You will develop your knowledge of using primary donate, including: 

  • Equipment configuration
  • Donating the regulator from the mouth
  • Donating the regulator from stowage
  • Reconfiguring your PD kit for a more usual AS take configuration
  • Duty of care to your diving buddy

The Primary Donate Workshop includes a dry kit configuration workshop, a dry skills lesson, a discussion workshop, and an in-water lesson to ensure you have plenty of practice in the skills and discipline needed to use a primary donate technique.

A primary donate diver is competent to configure their equipment so that they can donate a regulator easily and quickly to an out-of-gas diver, from the mouth or stowage. They should dive using a twin-set in either a back or side mount configuration, with a buddy who is at least a Sports Diver or equivalent, and is comfortable diving with a PD buddy. 

A BSAC primary donate diver can reconfigure their equipment to the more usual AS take system so that a diver who is not qualified or not comfortable diving with a buddy using a PD technique is using the more familiar way of removing the alternate supply from stowage themselves.

You can do this workshop at a regional event or local club. Not all clubs run Primary Donate Workshops, so please check if you are interested.

To register your interest in attending a Primary Donate Workshop, please fill out this form.

Students will be given a pack of supporting learning materials. You will need full open water dive kit suitable for local conditions with a twin-set configuration with one regulator with a long hose.

Your next steps - developing your skills

After completing the Primary Donate Workshop, you can:

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