Want to be able to relax underwater and move about gracefully, with the added benefit of using less gas on a dive?

Then attending a BSAC Buoyancy and Trim Workshop is for you. The workshop will encourage you to think about your weighting and trim in a logical way.

Adopting a disciplined approach to buoyancy (how much weight) and trim (correct balance and attitude in the water) is essential for all divers and will allow you to perform many diving skills effortlessly. Taking control of your buoyancy is taking a big step towards safe and comfortable diving.
It is also a prerequisite for the Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) course and other BSAC skill development courses.

To enrol on the Buoyancy and Trim Workshop you must have already successfully completed an Ocean Diver course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency).

You need to be capable of achieving the minimum buoyancy standards for Ocean Diver in the equipment and suit that will be used for the workshop.  Specifically, it is expected that you can maintain a mid-water hover with a ±1 m variation from a target depth due to breathing only.

The Buoyancy and Trim Workshop includes one theory session and two open-water dives. You will be taught the value of control and relaxation to achieve an optimum position in the water. You will understand what affects buoyancy underwater and the practical steps you need to take to achieve and maintain a horizontal diving posture.

You will also have plenty of in-water time to practise your new skills to descend, hover, ascend, swim horizontally and the experienced course instructors will give you plenty of feedback and help you to adjust your diving kit.

Your buoyancy skills will be recorded during the second dive of the course and you will be awarded bronze, silver, gold or black standard. You will then be able to apply for the appropriate qualification card.

The Buoyancy and Trim Workshop is a prerequisite for some other BSAC practical SDC courses. You will need to be silver standard to do an Underwater Photography or Search and Recovery SDC for example, and gold standard is a prerequisite for Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) and all mixed gas diving training.

You could do this course at a regional event or local club. Not all clubs run Buoyancy and Trim Workshop courses, so please check if you are interested.

Alternatively, book your place on a scheduled Buoyancy and Trim Workshop course online now.

Not a BSAC member? You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining via a local club. Find a club.

Students will be given a pack of supporting learning materials. For the practical sessions you will need full open-water diving kit including appropriate thermal protection for your local waters.

Your next steps – developing your skills

After doing this course you could further your training by doing other Skill Development Courses (SDCs). Imagine being able to take great pictures underwater or being able to identify the marine life that you see on dives.  Check out the SDCs you can get involved in.

Or you could progress your diver grade training.

Thinking about becoming an instructor, or wanting to improve your instructing skills? The BSAC Instructor Training Scheme has a course for you.


Not yet a BSAC member?

You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining your local club.

If you need a hand send your postcode to hello@bsac.com and we'll help you find the right scuba club for you. Or if you fancy a chat call us 0151 350 6226 (Mon - Fri, 9 - 5:30).

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