BSAC’s Drysuit Training course will teach you how to dive safely in a drysuit, helping to keep you warm and more comfortable in cold-water conditions.

The water temperatures around our country are known to be cold. By using a drysuit you will be able to explore them with more comfort and be able to enjoy what our waters have to offer.

- Phil Alberts, BSAC Direct

Drysuit Training is for any diver who wants to learn how to use a drysuit. It can be incorporated as part of your Ocean Diver training, or delivered to any level of diver who wants to start diving in a drysuit. If you learned to dive in warmer waters, you can take this course to become more comfortable diving in cooler waters in a drysuit.

On this one-day course you will learn how drysuits work and get practical experience of drysuit diving techniques. Two theory sessions cover what to look for when buying different types of drysuit and the use and maintenance of drysuits.

Practical lessons in sheltered and open water cover how to dive safely in a drysuit, including what to do if you become overinflated both during a dive and at the surface and how to manage a rescue scenario involving drysuit divers.

The course can be also run as a series of evening sessions with a final dive in open water.

Upon completion of your Drysuit Training, you can apply for a Drysuit Diver Workshop Qualification Card, which will enable you to hire a drysuit when you need to. Without the Drysuit Qualification Card, resorts and dive centres may not hire you a drysuit.

You could do this course at a local club, or at a BSAC centre.

Not a BSAC member? You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining via a local club. Find a club.

You will need full open-water equipment suitable for local conditions, including a drysuit and suitable thermal undergarments. You will need to be able to adjust your weighting to compensate for the extra buoyancy of the drysuit and of the thermal undergarments.

Your next steps – developing your skills

You could develop specific skills to expand your diving interests further. You could improve your knowledge of shipwrecks with the Wreck Appreciation SDC, learn how to drive a dive boat or become an underwater photographer. Check out the SDCs you can get involved in.

Or you could progress your diver grade training.


Not yet a BSAC member?

You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining your local club.

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