If you qualified as an Ocean Diver before January 2007 you will not have learned about diving with nitrox and you will not be qualified to buy a nitrox fill.

This workshop will bring pre January 2007 qualified Ocean Divers (and divers coming in at this level from other agencies) up-to-date with the present Ocean Diver syllabus, which includes diving with nitrox 32 and nitrox 36 on no-stop dives, to provide a safety margin when diving on air tables. 

On this approximately 90 minute theory workshop you will learn what nitrox is, discover the benefits of diving on nitrox, understand any physiological and equipment-related implications of using nitrox, learn how to plan a no-stop nitrox dive and how to analyse a nitrox mix.

You will be given a student manual containing supporting material.

On completion of this Ocean Diver Nitrox Workshop you will have the knowledge necessary to dive safely in open water, within your existing qualification, using nitrox 32 or nitrox 36 on a no-stop dive. You will be able to plan nitrox dives using BSAC-88 tables or an air computer.

You can apply to BSAC HQ for a qualification card, which will enable you to buy nitrox 32 or nitrox 36 fills at a gas station.

You could do this course at a local club, regional event or at a BSAC centre.

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Your next steps – developing your skills

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Or you could progress your Diver Grades.


Not yet a BSAC member?

You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining your local club.

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