This form will allow you to claim a qualification card if:

  • You wish to apply for award of Advanced Ocean Diver whilst training towards Sports Diver (Link)
  • You wish to order a card for a qualification you already hold
  • You wish to replace a lost card
  • Have completed a workshop or an assessment
  • If you have lost your Unique Reference Number (URN)
  • If you wish to order an equivalency card

Complete the fields below and select the required card from the dropdown menus. If selecting more than one card please remember to adjust the payment amount. When uploading a passport photo, jpg is the preferred file format. Claiming a card that is already on your MyBSAC, write ‘on record’ in the Name of Diving Officer/Instructor fields.

Having submitted this form payment and qualification will be verified by BSAC HQ.

QCard prices - per card

  •  £12.50 Current member workshop/replacement card
  •  £12.50 Equivalency card 


All fields marked with * are required.

Student Information
If passport photo is held at HQ already please check box. If not please upload a new one below




Name of Diving Officer/Instructor
To print this form before submitting

If you would like to print a copy of the form for your reference, please use the small print icon below or alternatively at the top and foot of the page.

(Note if you cannot see all the text in the box use the line in the bottom right of the box to expand it)


Payment screen

Once you have submitted this form, the 'Click to make payment' button will appear on the next screen. Please fill in your card details to make your payment.


Please click the box to indicate you are a human rather than an automated system completing this form.

Last step - submit and then make your payment online

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