Learning to dive can be life-changing – opening up a whole new underwater world that challenges, mesmerises and excites in equal measure. And there is nothing like the thrill you get when achieving each stage of scuba for the very first time.

So, if you are thinking of making 2024 the year you learn to dive, read on and be inspired by just some of the ‘firsts’ you can expect. And then look forward to an amazing first year of scuba ahead!

First breath underwater

Ask any diver, and they will remember the first time they breathed underwater, as it is a feeling like no other! Cocooned by water, it can initially feel a little strange, even confusing, as you are doing something you shouldn’t be able to do. But the comforting sound of your breathing through the mouthpiece of your regulator will quickly reassure you that all is ok. Then some amazing sensations will kick in as you settle and enjoy this remarkable experience – you have taken the first step to becoming a scuba diver!

Mask clearing

First time you smash your mask-clearing skills

In the early stages of learning to dive, you may find that some skills don’t always come naturally, but the beauty of learning to dive with BSAC is that you can go at your own pace. Practice, as they say, makes perfect, and when it all comes together – say, when you fully clear your mask underwater for the first time - it can be a huge thrill. And those feelings will inspire you to keep progressing as a diver.

Mastering scuba buoyancy

First time mastering your buoyancy

Scuba diving is often described as feeling as if you are flying underwater – and when you master your buoyancy for the first time, you’ll understand what this means! Being able to stay in position and glide effortlessly through the water brings with it an incredible feeling of weightlessness and calm. And with your buoyancy on point, you are now well on your way to becoming a competent scuba diver.

First logged dive in open water 

With all your initial training done in the pool or sheltered water, taking your skills into open water for the first time is a thrilling experience. And your first dive in the sea is where all your hard work truly pays off. You are in the open marine environment, exploring and enjoying all that entails. You then get to record your experience in your dive log book, so you can always look back on the exhilarating memory of diving in the ocean for the first time!

First scuba dive from a boat

First dive from a boat 

Whether it is a RIB or a hard boat, the first time you jump or roll off into the water can be an adrenaline rush, even if it is a tad scary! However, the moment you hit the water and briefly go below before bobbing back to the surface is an amazing feeling. 

Jane Morgan See marine life

First marine life encounter

To be under the water with incredible marine life for the first time can be a ‘pinch me’ moment. From a seal nibbling your fins or a mesmerizing dive watching the plethora of life on a reef wall to a chance encounter with a dolphin or shark, this is what scuba diving is all about!

First time looking up at a boat

First time looking up from the ocean floor

Scuba gives you a whole new perspective on the world. This becomes clear the first time you reach the sea floor and get the chance to look up. Good viz willing, the sight of blue – or UK green - water above, with your own bubbles breaking the shimmering surface as you breathe, brings a sense of calm and freedom. And that means scuba is good not only for your physical but mental health and wellbeing. 

First drift dive

Learning to dive is an adventure which brings thrills and excitement every time you are in the water. One of the most memorable for a new diver is the first time they experience a drift dive. Being carried along underwater by the current, gliding over a reef or seabed is the closest you can get to being able to fly. And sharing the invigorating experience with your buddy can be a real joy.

First dive trip

Taking part in your first club dive trip as a new diver is an unforgettable experience. Scuba is so sociable, and spending quality time with your dive buddies is a sure-fire way to make friends – and memories - that can last a lifetime. And while you are having fun, you are also continuing to learn and develop your skills, so club dive trips are a win-win!

First time you hold your Ocean Diver qualification card

So, all your hard work and time spent in the water has paid off – you are now a qualified BSAC Ocean Diver! Now’s the time to enjoy the well-earned thrill of a burgeoning log book and the feel of your brand-new Ocean Diver qualification card in your hand. 

This is your ticket to a lifetime of diving adventures!

Jane Morgan Becoming an Ocean Diver



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