The Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize is awarded annually to the member or group of members of the BSAC for outstanding achievement in research in the field of scuba diving.     

This prize is to supersede the Duke of Edinburgh Prize. HRH Duke of Edinburgh has recently retired from public duties, this includes the award and presentation of his prize for sub-aqua.

We are very proud to say that the President of BSAC, HRH Duke of Cambridge, will now be presenting an annual prize for scuba – the Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize.

Please download and complete the entry form and send your submissions by email to the Honorary Secretary, British Sub-Aqua Jubilee Trust.

The Jubilee Trust would like to receive applications by the end of APRIL each year.

Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize winners 

2018 Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize winners

The winning project of The Duke of Cambridge SCUBA Prize 2018 is The Gun Rocks Cannon site project.

Congratulations to the project team leader Nicola Faulks and team members Peta Knott and Simon Smith who received the Award today presented by BSAC President HRH the Duke of Cambridge, at a ceremony in Kensington Palace. Read all about the ceremony here.

Check out the Gun Rocks history and dive trail website for more information.


2017 Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize winners 

The first winners of the Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize are the Project Highball team (Mark Paisey – East Cheshire SAC).

The video below shows Gavin Anthony (Secretary of the Jubilee Trust) presenting the Project Highball team with the Peter Small Award, and then announcing the new Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize and awarding the Project Highball team with the new prize too (starting at 05:20 minutes in). 



List of winners            

Year Recipient  Club Project

Nicola Faulks (project team leader)
Peta Knott and Simon Smith (team members)

Tyneside 114 BSAC branch

The Gun Rocks Cannon site project
Watch the video of Gun Rocks dive trail Seasearch Project
Read the report

2017 Mark Paisey  East Cheshire BSAC

Project Highball
Watch project documentary video
Read project report


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