The Colin Mcleod Award is given out by the British Sub-Aqua Jubilee Trust on behalf of BSAC.

The Jubilee Trust present this award to someone who is normally a UK diver or diving researcher, has been active in diving for many years and is well known and respected internationally.

Imogen Gray MP

Colin McLeod Award 2019

Awarded at BSAC Diving Conference Dinner. Everyone in the room was upstanding upon the announcement that AP Diving's Martin Parker had been awarded the Colin McLeod Award.

About the Colin Mcleod Award 

The Colin Mcleod Award was established in 1986 at the BSAC AGM in his memory for "Furthering international co-operation in diving”, the first award being made in 1987. The award is administered by the British Sub-Aqua Jubilee Trust on behalf of BSAC.

Who was Colin McLeod? Colin McLeod (l) receiving Silver Salver from Chairman Derek Cockbill (r) Oceans World 2000 Congress - 1973

Colin McLeod was a founding father of the sport of sub-aqua diving in the United Kingdom. In the post-war period, he was a Director of the sports equipment supplier Lillywhites and during this time imported fins and other equipment to support an infant sport. He was a co-founder of BSAC, being the first Vice-Chairman from 1953 to 1957 and club Chairman from 1961 to 1963. He was made a Vice President in 1965 and was an Honorary Life-member.

Colin McLeod was particularly active internationally; he participated on the CMAS committee in various roles from the 1960s to his death in 1985. He chaired the organising committee for the both first (September 1962) and second (October 1973) World Congress on diving hosted by BSAC. 

Colin Mcleod Award winners

Year Winner Field
2022 Not awarded due to impact of Covid restrictions  
2021 Not awarded due to impact of Covid restrictions  
2020 Not awarded due to impact of Covid restrictions  
2019 Martin Parker Equipment innovation
2017 Paul Rose Documentary Film
2016 David Shaw Underwater Film
2015 Martin Dean Professional Maritime Archaeology
2014 Dr Ian Calder Diving Medicine
2013 Dr John Bevan Diving history
2012 Dr Martyn Sayer Scientific diving physiology
2011 Dr Peter Bennett Diving Physiology and Safety
2010 Dr Peter Wilmshurst Underwater Medicine
2009 Kendal McDonald Publications
2008 Margaret Rule Archaeology
2007 Bernard Eaton Conferences, Publications and Exhibitions
2006 Dr. R.W. Hamilton Decompression
2005 Dr. Honor Frost Archaeology
2004 Peter Ormerod Training
2003 Dr. Nic Flemming Oceanography and Archaeology
2002 Peter Scoones Documentary Film
2001 Dr. David Bellamy Conservation
2000 Sir John Rawlings Underwater Medicine
1999 Alan Bax Training
1998 Prof. David Elliott Diving Medicine
1997 Dr. Alisdair Edwards Biology Conservation
1996 Reg Vallintine Recreational Diving
1995 Dr. Maurice Cross Medicine
1994 Jonathan Adams Archaeology
1993 Prof. Paul Ryan Science CMAS
1992 Mensun Bound Archaeology
1991 Dr. Tom Hennessy Decompression
1990 Dr. Val Hempleman Science
1989 Bruce Lyons Holiday Diving
1988 Ray Sutcliffe Documentary Film
1987 Robert Palmer Cave Diving
Heinke Trophy 2019 winners, Chester Sub Aqua Club

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