Escalation of disciplinary action

If a matter dealt within a branch resulted in exclusion from that club, then BSAC HQ should be notified of the exclusion.
Note: that Branch Bye-Laws give the member the right of appeal to the full membership at a General Meeting (requiring a 2/3 Majority to confirm the decision): this right should not be denied.

If a member is excluded, details of the member and the reasons for dismissal should be forwarded as soon as possible to BSAC Headquarters. In some circumstances BSAC may find it appropriate to take further disciplinary action that could result in expulsion from BSAC.
Broadcasting of information on the expulsion of a member to other parties could be considered a breach of an individual’s personal information and GDPR rights and so should not be done. 

In order to request referral to Disciplinary committee please use the online Grievance form selecting ‘Disciplinary escalation’ from the dropdown list.

Grievance Form


Specific circumstances relating to the Code of Conduct

Diving and Training
Where a serious and significant incident gives rise to concerns regarding Diving safety or training then the matter shall be reported to BSAC HQ for referral to the relevant NDC representative with as much information as possible. Following an initial review the representative may request all documentation to consider the matter fully and may institute a separate investigation and disciplinary action.

Please use the online Grievance form selecting either ‘Diving’ or Training’ from the dropdown list as appropriate.

Grievance Form


Any serious incidents within the BSAC Safeguarding policies shall be reported at the earliest opportunity as defined in the Safeguarding policies. Information relating to criminal convictions for relevant offences shall also be reported to the BSAC Safeguarding Officer.

Please use the online Grievance form selecting ‘Safeguarding’ from the dropdown list.

Grievance Form

Within the Divers Code of Conduct, which forms an integral part of Safe Diving :

“BSAC members are reminded that in the light of this policy following any conviction of any BSAC member for an offence in relation to wreck the member will be liable to have their membership withdrawn for bringing BSAC into disrepute.”

Anyone with evidence of such a conviction of a member shall bring it to the attention of BSAC HQ for consideration by a disciplinary committee.

Please use the online Grievance form selecting ‘Wreck’ from the dropdown list.

Grievance Form


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