BSAC has formalised a grievance procedure for considering grievances from members.

Before completing the form please ensure you have all information and evidence available. 

The following is a brief summary of the considerations and is covered in more detail in the introduction to the form.

Guide to Grievance Process

As a reminder the grievance procedure can be used to:

  • Raise a grievance based on breach of BSAC Rules, policies, training or guidance
  • Request support to help resolve conflict
  • Appeal against inappropriate disciplinary action
  • Whistle blowing (Safeguarding)

Foundation of a grievance

A grievance should relate to the Rules, Policies, Training and guidance of BSAC which are summarised in the Code of Conduct. If you are considering raising a grievance, then you should ensure that it is covered by the terms of the Code of Conduct.

Attempts at resolution

Every effort should have been made to resolve a complaint before raising a grievance with BSAC. In particular branch disputes should be resolved within the branch structure following branch procedures set out in the branch Bye Laws. Where it has not been possible to resolve a complaint locally then evidence must be provided of all efforts made to resolve any grievance.


In order to deal effectively with any grievance consideration needs to be based on substantiated evidence. The Grievance form below will allow the uploading of documentary evidence in support of any grievance and it is essential that all relevant evidence is provided at the outset. 

Desired Outcome

The form also asks you to outline what your desired outcome to be. You can assist considerably by being aware that it is likely that all parties concerned will need to make compromises.

Grievance Form

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