Get answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using the digital Qualification Record Book (eQRB).

More information is also available on the summary and in the eQRB guide.

If you are having problems with the App then please scroll to the bottom of the page for potential solutions.

Who can use the digital Qualification Record Book (eQRB)?

The eQRB is available to Assistant Instructors and above.   

What courses/lessons can be signed off in the eQRB?

Every item in the Diver Training Programme (DTP) can be signed off in the eQRB.  This includes theory lessons, practical lessons, experience dives, depth progression, optional items such as refresher training, etc.

In the future it is hoped that the eQRB can be expanded to allow other training to be recorded.

What data is recorded in the eQRB?

When an item is signed off then the eQRB records the date of completion along with the instructor’s details (name, membership number, instructor grade and instructor number). 

The instructor can also leave comments about the lesson that will be visible to other instructors. A future version of the App will allow comments to be visible to students.

Will the students be able to see details of their items that have been signed off?

Yes, they can view this information under the MyBSAC section of the App and the website.   

This will be improved in the next version of the App.

Will the App show theory and theory assessments completed via eLearning?

Yes, they will be recorded with the date and ‘eLearning’ instead of the details of the instructor.

The eLearning records on the website and App are updated at 0500 hrs each morning so there can be up to 24 hrs delay from an eLearning module being completed to it being visible online.

Who can sign off items in the eQRB?

Instructors can only sign off lessons which are allowed by their qualification.  

As an example, only Open Water Instructors (OWI) holding the grade of Advanced Diver can sign off AT2-3. AT1 and AP1/2 require an Advanced Instructor.

Why can’t Dive Leaders sign off Sports Diver depth progression (SPQ25-35)?

Although depth progression can be completed with a Dive Leader, it needs to be supervised by an OWI, or higher, who then signs it off.

What is a training pathway?

A training pathway is a route from one diving grade to another.  

As an example the Ocean to Sports Diver training pathway is one route to Sports Diver.  This could also be achieved by completing the Ocean to Advanced Ocean Diver training pathway followed by the Advanced Ocean Diver to Sports Diver training pathway.

Why do some items have two lesson codes, such as AOT2/STE3 and AOX25/SPQ25?

Lessons in different training pathways sometimes achieve the same training objectives. By having lessons with two codes they can be simultaneously signed off on the different training pathway.   

Why doesn’t the App know when a training pathway has been completed?

Just like a paper QRB, the eQRB requires Diving Officers/Centre Lead Instructors to use their knowledge and experience to know when a training pathway is complete.

A student is part way through a course and has their paper QRB signed off for a number of items. Can they be transferred to the eQRB?

Yes. Either the original instructors can sign off the items in the eQRB or a copy of the page can be sent to HQ who will transfer the information to the eQRB.

Are comments made by instructors when they sign off lessons visible to students?

Comments aren’t currently visible to students but they will be when the next version is released.

Why can’t I record lesson completion for more than one student?

This was considered during the eQRB’s development but it was too costly to implement.

Why do I have to search for students every time rather than being able to save their details?

The ability to save/bookmark students was considered during the App’s development but it was too costly to implement.

Why does the eQRB show training pathways that are no longer relevant or have been completed?

The eQRB was designed to replicate a paper QRB by allowing instructors to view when previous training was completed and who signed off individual items.

It is possible to filter items in the eQRB?

Yes, items can be filtered by categories specific to each training pathway such as theory lessons, sheltered water lessons, etc

Can diver grades be awarded through the eQRB?

Yes, at the bottom of each training pathway there is the ‘Award Grade’ button.  This leads to a form where the information to award the grade can be submitted.

This will be improved in the next version of the App.

Oops, I’ve signed off the wrong lesson.  How can I resolve this?

Please email with the student’s membership number, student’s surname and the details of the lesson that was signed off incorrectly.

Will the App work offline?

No the App needs to connect to the membership database so will not work without an internet connection.   

Will there be further versions of the App?

Yes, funding has already been agreed for the next version.

This will enhance student’s visibility of their own eQRB, allow URNs to be recorded for each training pathway and significantly improve the process for awarding qualifications. It is expected to be launched towards the end of 2023.

Issues with the App?

Some users have reported that the qualifications drop down on the MyBSAC page isn't working.

On Apple devices this can normally be resolved by deleting the App and reinstalling it.

On Android devices the following is normally successful:

  • Ensure you have updated to the latest version (1.2.3).  You can check at

 Settings > Apps> BSAC > Scroll down to the very bottom of the page

  • Clear the cache via the following:

Settings > Apps > BSAC > Storage and Cache   > Clear cache

  • Clear the App storage via the following:

Settings > Apps > BSAC > Storage and Cache   > Clear storage

  • Reopen the App and log back in
  • Check to see if the qualifications drop down works?

If you are still having issues then please contact or complete the app feedback form.




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