There are lots of fairly simple things your club can do to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible to female members.

Remember to seek existing member input into any changes and ask their opinions when testing out new ideas.

  • Clubs should ensure that women are involved at all levels of the club including instructing and the branch officer committee.
  • Club activities should be as accessible as possible to ALL members, including women.
  • ‘Buddy’ new members with an existing member. Think who will the new member most relate to and be grateful that that person is their buddy!
  • Changing rooms and toilets should be pleasant environments, which are reliably clean and functioning and separate from the men’s changing areas.
  • If clubs want to attract and keep more women, ideally they should be family friendly. This may mean that families can participate together or separately in the knowledge that children are being engaged with positive activities.
  • Inappropriate or sexist attitudes and behaviour should be challenged and not tolerated.
  • Instructors who are actively/regularly teaching young people should be DBS checked. More on the DBS disclosure process and the BSAC Safeguarding Policy.
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