Is there any benefit from more women members?

Gender equality is certainly high on the public agenda right now – but for diving, are there any tangible reasons why increasing participation by women might be in the club’s best interests?

Well actually, yes, we think there is – research undertaken in both sport and business makes a compelling case for improving gender diversity. In business, the data in support of diversity is widely available – businesses are more likely to be successful if their leadership reflects the makeup of the society in which it trades.  In contrast there is no data or evidence to suggest that having a male-dominated structure is better.

So how does this translate in sport (or specifically diving) – well here are a number of proven benefits:

  • Attracting new skills and talents – women bring different skills and experience to help move the club forward in all aspects; driving innovation and change.
  • Being more attractive to your local community - any club which better reflects the makeup of its local population is then more likely to be attractive to further members and be better embedded.
  • New methods of communicating - women often utilise different communication networks to men and therefore provide access to new networks; opening up channels for future communications, recruitment and awareness raising.
  • Reducing conflict - gender diversity is proven [in business] to reduce conflict within organisations.
  • Better decision making - committees with high gender diversity make better decisions and perform better overall; especially in relation to financial management and fundraising.
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