Not sure whether to buy hard copy packs, digital packs or eLearning? That’s okay! Here’s the lowdown on the options…

Before the pandemic there were only hard copy training packs for the student materials, to go with training courses. BSAC now has two more options with additional benefits: digital packs and eLearning. Here are your options explained…

The three options:

1. The original - hard copy training packs

These packs get updated as the courses evolve but other than that they have not really changed in that they are still physical packs in card boxes, posted out. Clubs/instructors buy these packs on behalf of members or members can buy directly for themselves. Not all BSAC courses are available in this format including the new Advanced Ocean Diver course and some Skill Development Courses (SDCs).

Price for Ocean Diver, for members: £48

  • Pros: Good for people that still prefer to read hard copy materials
  • Cons: Not so good for the environment and deliveries can take a few days, longer for those overseas; not updated as often as the digital/eLearning packs

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2. Digital training packs

Digital training packs are exactly the same as the hard copy training packs except they’re in digital (PDF) format. They include a PDF of the relevant QRB (Qualification Record Book) page for recording lessons. Clubs/instructors can buy these packs on behalf of members or members can buy directly. All the most popular BSAC courses that have associated materials, can be purchased in this format.

Digital packs can be used in conjunction with the MyBSAC app as a means of recording training, i.e with no need to print off the Qualification Record Book (QRB) page.

Price for Ocean Diver, for members: £40.50

  • Pros: Lowest price, more environmentally friendly that hard copy and you can do theory lessons in person (good social experience for members)
  • Cons: Students have to print the relevant QRB page for sign off, if not using app. Not good for clubs that can’t manage the theory lessons

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3. eLearning

BSAC courses on the eLearning platform (currently Discovery Diver, Ocean Diver and Sports Diver) include the same materials as the digital packs above but this option has the added benefit of online lessons. The theory exams can be done in a less pressurised way. Members sign up for eLearning themselves. Results are visible in the MyBSAC app.

Price for Ocean Diver, for members: £68

  • Pros: Great for clubs that can’t easily offer theory lessons in person, better for the environment than hard copy packs and students can learn at their own pace
  • Cons: Miss out on the experience of having theory lessons with others

More on eLearning

Need help transitioning your club from hard copy to digital?

That’s fine! The below will hopefully help but do contact us if you need to at or on 0151 350 6203.

When students receive a digital training pack (with options 2 and 3 above) this includes the Student Guide for the course in PDF format. As well as training information, this contains two important things:

  • The Unique Reference Number (URN) which is printed at the bottom of each page along with the name and address of the student
  • At the back of the Student Guide are pages from the QRB which can be printed out and used to record training as it is completed

Alternatively, training can be recorded and lessons signed off digitally using the MyBSAC app. 

Once the training for a course is completed then the award of qualification should be made by completing the Pre-paid Qualification Award form using the URN from the student manual.

The QRB pages can also be found online in the Instructor Materials area for each course. These can also be downloaded and printed off but the URN will still be required for the qualification to be awarded. Additional eLearning support for instructors is also available.

Help is at hand

If you still have questions, please do get in touch. You can contact the Diving and Training Team at or on 0151 350 6203.

Training pack options for specific courses

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