Purchase your digital course materials

When you have paid for your digital materials you will be able to download them. The material belongs to you and you have a watermark with your URN marked on each page. The Unique Reference Number (URN) will need to be given to your instructor when you have completed the course, as they will use that to certify you.

Please note: these materials are digital-only and you will not receive a physical training pack after purchasing these. All materials will come in PDF format and are printable if necessary.

Digital pack queries 

For any queries on digital packs and their contents, please contact the Diving and Training Team on 0151 350 6203



Instructors and Branch Officers purchasing for students 

If purchasing multiple digital copies for a class of students, you must purchase each set individually and enter each student's details (including their name, membership number and email address). These details are embedded into the materials and the students' MyBSAC records. 

Digital course materials

Diver training

0,Discovery Diver digital course materials 0,Discovery to Ocean Diver digital course materials 0,Ocean Diver digital course materials
0,Advanced Ocean Diver digital course manual 0,Advanced Ocean Diver to Sports Diver digital course materials 0,Ocean Diver to Sports Diver Course Materials
0,Dive Leader digital course materials 0,Advanced Diver digital course materials  

Club diving

0,Advanced Wreck Diver digital course manual 0,Accelerated Decompression Procedures course materials 0,Compressor Operator digital course manual
0,Dive UK digital course manual 0,Dive Planning and Management digital course manual 0,Nitrox Gas Blender / Mixed Gas Blender digital course manual
0,Search and Recovery digital course manual 0,Twin-set digital course manual 0,Marine Life Appreciation digital course manual
0,Wreck Appreciation digital course manual 0,Wreck Diving digital course manual 0,Underwater Photography digital course manual 

Special interests

 0,Shore Surveyor Course    


0,MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver Course Pack 0,MOD 1 AP Mixed Gas Top-up Course Pack 0,MOD 2 CCR Diver course pack
0,Advanced Mixed Gas CCR Diver (80m) 0,Sport Mixed Gas Diver Open Circuit Student Manual 0,Explorer Mixed Gas Diver Open Circuit Student Manual 
0,Sports Mixed Gas Diver + Explorer Mixed Gas Diver Open Circuit combined course pack     

Safety and rescue

0,Automated External Defibrillator digital course manual 0,First Aid for Divers digital course manual 0,Oxygen Administration digital course manual
0,Practical Rescue Management digital course materials    


0,Boat Handling digital course materials 0,Chartwork & Position Fixing digital course manual  

BSAC manuals

0,Dive Leading digital manual 0,Safety and Rescue for Divers digital manual 0,Seamanship: A guide for divers digital manual
0,The Diving Manual digital manual 0,The Diving Instructor's Manual digital manual  

Instructor prompt slates

0,Ocean Diver Prompt Slates 0,Sports Diver Prompt Slates 0,Diver Leader & Advanced Diver Prompt Slates

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