The events enable candidates to complete either the Open Water Instructor or Advanced Instructor events in the course of one week.

If a week is easier to manage in your diary than training over multiple weekends, this could be a great choice. These events also tend to run later in the season as some are scheduled overseas, again potentially working better with some people's schedules.

Two routes are possible with these combined events.

  • Open Water Instructor - For Dive Leaders the Instructor Foundation Course is an excellent introduction to teaching our sport, this is followed by the Open Water Instructor Course, Theory Instructor Exam and Practical Instructor Exam.
  • Advanced Instructor - For those who hold the OWI qualification and are Advanced Divers the Advanced Instructor Course and Examination are available.

UK or overseas?

Although the events have been run overseas for many years, recently we have organised UK based events allowing for the same consolidated period of training at a small number of venues.

The event

The combined events have always been successful with a high pass rate. Much of this success is due to the hard work and co-operation of the students who work together and help each other in many ways during the week. The lack of distractions from the home and work life are also helpful.

The instructors are an experienced team who are dedicated to making the event a success and are available to help almost all of the time. The evenings allow for some socialising with the discussions usually focusing on diving and frequently drifting back to instruction and instructional techniques. All of this adds up to a very high standard being achieved.

Booking overseas events

The cost of the events varies according to the travel and accommodation facilities available. If you would like to participate in a overseas event then please contact BSAC on 0151 350 6205 or by email.

Booking UK events

The Open Water Instructor Combined Events  (IFC, OWIC PIE & TIE) as a single event, and are presently run twice a year at Stoney Cove in the Midlands.

Currently, it is not possible to book online for the Combined Open Water Instructor event. There are currently two Combined OWI events scheduled for 2023:

  • 13-17 May 2023: Stoney Cove, Leicestershire (link to online payment)
  • 23-27 Sept 2023: Stoney Cove, Leicestershire

Interested students, please contact Central Bookings on 0151 350 6205 to book and pay for a place.

The Advanced Instructor Combined Event is currently run at Dunoon on the Firth of Clyde.

Book online for the Combined Advanced Instructor event (AIC & AIE) as a single event.

If you would like to discuss combined events further then please contact BSAC on 0151 350 6210 or by email.

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