Do you have an interesting project that would benefit from funding? The British Sub-Aqua Jubilee Trust can help you.

The aim of Jubilee Trust grants are to raise the standard of projects undertaken by diving clubs, individuals or expeditions by providing financial assistance, so long as the aims and execution of the project do not conflict with the objectives of the Trust.

The Jubilee Trust wishes to encourage both the ordinary diver with no previous project or scientific experience as well as more experienced organisers and scientists. Naturally, an application from an amateur will not be assessed in direct competition with that from a professional: each will be considered on individual merit.

The support or approval of the project by the appropriate national or local association or body (e.g. Council for Nautical Archaeology, Natural History or Geological Museums, Royal Geographical Society) will be taken into account when applications are considered. The amount of the grant award will be at the discretion of the Jubilee Trust, but will seldom cover the whole cost of a project or expedition.

Grant awards are made to individuals, notwithstanding the fact that the individual might participate in a larger group enterprise. Successful candidates must provide a report on their own activities, including a financial statement not later than the first anniversary of the awarding of the grant.

How to apply for a Jubilee Trust grant

Applications should be received by the Secretary at least two months before the project is to take place, bearing in mind the Trust meeting dates as shown below. In exceptional circumstances the Trust may be able to make decisions in a shorter time - contact the Secretary to explain these circumstances.

Email the Secretary or the British Sub-Aqua Jubilee Trust with your application. 

The Trust meets three times a year to consider applications.

1. March - applications required by end of January

2. July - applications required by end of May

3. October - applications required by end of August

Any applications received after the above dates will not be considered until the next Trust meeting, e.g. an application received on 10th October is unlikely to be considered until the March meeting.

All applications should be made on the official Jubilee Trust Grant Application Form. The Trust now only accepts applications in electronic form. This should be a Microsoft Word file only.

The application should consist of the completed Application Form and any supporting documentation as a single Microsoft Word attachment and email to


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