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CCR Inspiration Evolution/Vision Diver

CCR Inspiration Evolution & Vision Diver
Want to learn about and try diving on a closed circuit rebreather (CCR)?

This course enables divers to move into the world of silent diving away from the bubbles and noise associated with open circuit diving. The course introduces rebreather technology, associated physics, physiology and equipment maintenance. Comprehensive diving skills, dive planning and dive management considerations are fully covered.

Entry requirement 
This course is open to BSAC Sports Divers (or acceptable alternative), you will need a minimum of 50 logged dives and hold a BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver qualification or above (or acceptable alternative).

What you’ll learn
• General theory of rebreathers
• Specific theory of APD units
• Dive conduct and open water diving skills
• Diagnostics, problem solving and kit maintenance
• Dive planning and management
• Relevant first aid

Learning materials
Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course. The pack includes the CCR Inspiration Evolution/Vision Diver course manual and a Qualification Card application.

BSAC CCR courses are offered either by BSAC Technical Centres or by volunteer Instructors either through a branch or a region

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Your next steps
After this course you could further your training by doing another Skill Development Courses (SDCs) or you could progress with a Diver Grade Course

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