Launched back in 1958, over 50 BSAC clubs have received the award.

Each year our winner receives a prize to spend on their club’s activities as well as being presented with the prestigious Heinke Trophy. 

The news that we won the trophy really made us feel recognised for the effort that has gone into the club over the last few years. It has renewed enthusiasm and has set us up for another big year.

Kevin Phillips, Diving Officer East Cheshire SAC – 2015 Heinke winners

History of the Heinke Trophy

The Heinke Trophy was donated to BSAC in 1958 by the old-established British diving firm Heinke, which had been making high-quality hard-hat diving equipment for many years and had then developed its own special range of diving apparatus.

Although the company was later taken over by Siebe Gorman, some of its original products continued to be made and were available from diving equipment suppliers, Collins and Chambers.

Heinke always took pride in quality and service, so it is appropriate that this superb trophy, in the form of a shield with a silver sport diver motif, should be awarded annually to the BSAC club judged to have done the most to further the interests of its members and of BSAC.

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