Are you a Dive Leader looking to take that next step to Advanced Diver? Have you been struggling to get certain sections of the Advanced Diver qualification signed off?

Members have reported that it can be difficult to complete Advanced Diver training. This expedition sets out to help solve that problem by augmenting other BSAC training both within the branch and at a regional level (e.g. regional training days for rescue skills at inland sites) to help fill in the gaps.

The student must dive a range of sites predominantly unknown to them to fulfil the requirements of Advanced Diver. 

Whilst this expedition will include some of the best 'known’ sites to the wider diving community, experience from other expeditions shows that many people will not have dived these yet in their diving career and so they fulfil the criteria. We also plan to dive lesser dived, forgotten, and generally unknown/undocumented sites; truly unknown!

Subject to weather and tides we will select dives from the main sites (SS Hispania, SS Rondo, SS Breda, SS Thesis, Risga Pinnacle, Elizabeth Rock, WWII Flying Boats amongst others).

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The key aims of this expedition are:

  • To complete module AP1: Expedition Planning of the Advanced Diver syllabus
  • Carry out between 4 and 6 of the 20 required experience dives
  • Conduct ad-hoc coaching and exposure to a wider variety of expedition diving techniques

Time-dependent, we may also be able to:

  • Complete any additional / missing lectures for Advanced Diver
  • Provide optional additional day (on Mon & Tue at a reduced rate) to add additional experience dives

 MV Halton

MV Halton - your home for the weekend

The weekend will be spent on the liveaboard, MV Halton. For more information on the vessel's facilities, please visit their website.

Advanced Diver training expedition – get involved!

There are 10 spaces available for this event which can be booked online

Price: £270 (includes accommodation onboard boat, air, dives, food, instruction)

To book this event, you must be:

  • Current BSAC member (with an in-date self-declaration medical)
  • BSAC Dive Leader (or equivalent)
  • Dived up for 30-40m dives
  • Capable of launching a DSMB confidently and competently from midwater unaided

Though non-essential, it would be useful for those attending to have the following SDCs:

  • Boat Handling
  • Diver Cox'n
  • Chartwork & Position Fixing

Kit list

  • Dive kit suitable for UK winter (cold water diving)
  • Redundant independent supply (i.e. twin-set, pony, bail-out etc.)
  • Delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) and reel
  • Other surface detection aids (e.g. flag, torch, etc.)
  • GoPro / camera (if you have one)
  • Windproof jacket
  • Woolly hat

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A diver with a reel and their buddy looking at the camera

Advanced Diver

Are you ready to take others on an adventure? If you want to manage challenging diving activities and expeditions in places you haven’t been before, then Advanced Diver is the course for you.

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