Surveying is great fun, opens your eyes to a new appreciation of the underwater world that we dive in and is the first vital step in implementing conservation measures.

However, it can be challenging to get started, knowing how and what to survey and in particular, what to do with the data that you collect.

To make surveying fun and accessible to members BSAC has partnered with Seawilding to introduce the Underwater Surveyor Skill Development Course (SDC).

The aim of this course is to enable you to get involved in protecting the ocean and its habitats. By providing you with the skills to use a variety of survey techniques while snorkel or scuba diving, Underwater Surveyor empowers you to play a valuable part in ocean science and conservation.

The BSAC Underwater Surveyor course gave us critical tools to take part in established citizen science projects, and to set up our own. The course was valuable to divers of all experience levels and was informative, educational and fun!

            - Orkney Sub-Aqua Club

The Underwater Surveyor eLearning is available to everyone.

To enrol on the course and complete the practical training, all students must:

  • Be a minimum of Ocean Diver or Snorkel Diver
  • Be current BSAC members

There are two in-water sessions, with two surveys required. Survey dives will be conducted within the qualification and experience limits of the divers or snorkellers.

Underwater Surveyor comprises an eLearning course as well as practical in-the-water training, where you learn how to undertake your own marine surveys. 

During this course you will learn:

  • How you will be helping the oceans
  • How to survey safely and assess risks
  • Survey skills and techniques, ranging from easy to advanced
  • What equipment you’ll need
  • What to do with your survey data

What you’ll be qualified to do as an Underwater Surveyor

On completion of both the Underwater Surveyor eLearning theory and practical elements of the course, students will gain the BSAC Underwater Surveyor Skill Development Course (SDC) qualification. 

You will have learned the skills and techniques needed to undertake valuable underwater surveys.

You’ll learn how to collect rigorous data that can actually make a difference and be signposted to national data collection projects where you can put your skills to the test.

Underwater Surveyor consists of eLearning theory, plus two practical dives

Complete the theory from the comfort of home through eLearning.

The practical can be taught in a branch, on a regional event, or at a BSAC Centre, where available. The practical element includes: 

  • One dry run to familiarise students with survey equipment
  • Two underwater survey dives where students will complete two different types of surveys, one of which is to use a transect
  • Supervised data entry in support of a meaningful project outcome e.g., Operation Oyster or Great Seagrass Survey

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Your next steps – developing your skills 

After completing Underwater Surveyor, you could:

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