BSAC is a registered body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and can facilitate Disclosures for its instructors. As volunteers, the service is free of charge (July 2006).

As you are already aware we have been using new forms for carrying out DBS checks. Under the Protection of Freedom Act 2012, the Government implemented some further changes to the DBS system.

Changes to Disclosure & Barring Service

Disclosure certificates will now only be issued to the applicant and BSAC is no longer provided with a copy of the certificate as we were in the past. BSAC must adhere to this change in the administration of disclosures.

Accordingly we now have to request that the member, once they have received their DBS certificate, sends us this original DBS certificate in order that we can update our files. We will then send the original back to the member.

We ask that this is carried out within 14 days of receipt of the certificate. All disclosure certificates received by BSAC HQ will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

We understand that this is a real change in the process and one that we are unable to avoid. Can you please start informing your instructors who are having a check done that this is now the case.

In order that members are aware of the changes we will be sending out the DBS form accompanied by a letter informing them that they are requested to send their original certificate to us within 14 days of receipt.

We know that this is an extra step in the process of DBS checking and one that will cause extra work on all accounts. Unfortunately it is now unavoidable due to the change in legislation.

We would also like to ask you as Safeguarding Officer to assist us and help chase up the certificates once they have been received by your members to send them back to the following address:

DBS processing
South Pier Road
Telford’s Quay
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4FL

At any time the member can withdraw their application and the process will immediately stop and you will be informed. However that means they won’t be able to teach children and vulnerable adults.

Instructors will still be able to continue to teach over 18s, DBS checks are only required if the instructor is teaching children or vulnerable adults.

The other change which you should be aware of is that when HQ completes field x61 of the form, line 1 is now no longer completed as Instructor but as Child Workforce Instructor.

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