BSAC is a registered body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and can facilitate Disclosures and Barring checks, which are free of charge to our volunteers.

DBS checks are only required if the instructor is teaching children or vulnerable adults. To apply for a DBS check you need to meet our qualifying criteria:

  • You must be a current member
  • Over the age of 16
  • A Snorkel Instructor or an Open Water Instructor and above or the Welfare Officer 
  • A member of a club

If you are eligible, please email the Welfare Officer to request our online application and we will email you the link to apply online, the email includes ‘The Applicant’s Guide to completing a Disclosure Services Web Application’ to help and support the applicant in submitting their online application and the DBS evidence gathering form will also be included.

The DBS evidence gathering must be completed by either the Welfare officer or a committee member, to say that they are responsible for having seen the three types of identification for the applicant. The ID listed on this form must match the ID that the applicant enters on the online application. This must be emailed to us or posted to:

DBS processing
South Pier Road
Telford’s Quay
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4FL

At any time, the member can withdraw their application and the process will immediately stop. However, that means they won’t be able to teach children and vulnerable adults but instructors will still be able to continue to teach over 18s.

Once the online application has been submitted to DBS, the process of the checks usually takes up to 7 working days and then a certificate is issued directly to the applicant (which can take upto 14 days to receive), BSAC are also notified.

BSAC will then send a letter of suitability to the applicant’s club Welfare Officer or Membership Secretary; therefore, no action is required from the applicant.

If there are any queries or content on the certificate BSAC will request the certificate from the member and our Welfare Officer Mary Tetley will liaise with the member directly.

The certificate belongs to the applicant and they are valid for three years from their date of issue.

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