BSAC has updated the Dive Leader course, to fully align it with current international standards while meeting the specific needs of today’s trainees, clubs and centres.

Concurrently we’re also launching a revised Oxygen Administration Skill Development Course (SDC).

What’s new

Described as a ‘ground up rewrite’, the updated ‘Dive Leader 23’ (DL23) course syllabus has been streamlined as part of an ongoing review of BSAC’s Diver Training Programme (DTP). The last time Dive Leader was fully reviewed and updated was in 2009. 

As with all the other recent updates, the Dive Leader course materials have been given a fresh new look. They have been designed for easy viewing on mobile devices and an eLearning option is also available for the increasingly large number of members who prefer this option. 

Dive Leader eLearning on phone

Dive Leader 23 is available through BSAC eLearning, and is optimised for mobile viewing

The course’s renewed focus on dive leading experienced and inexperienced divers, dive management and rescue management aims to better prepare those who wish to then progress to become instructors. BSAC hopes this will be a positive development for clubs, especially those with limited instructor capacity.

Some elements of the Dive Leader course were not relevant for all clubs and environments.  They have been repackaged as optional Local Skill Components (LSC) and can be delivered at an appropriate point for the individual and the club. Currently there are two; mid-water deployment of DSMBs and shot lift, shift and recovery.

Post qualification depth progression has been moved to an optional deep module that will be released later in the year. This will provide additional up to date knowledge and the understanding of how to mitigate risks that are appropriate for deeper diving.

Oxygen Administration 

An updated Oxygen Administration SDC is being launched at the same time as DL23.  It is no longer part of the Dive Leader training but is a mandatory prerequisite for award of the qualification, and some of the lessons.

The Oxygen Administration SDC has been updated to reflect the latest teaching on subjects such as Immersion Pulmonary Oedema (IPO) and also contains an optional module for people who haven’t received BLS training, such as Ocean Divers and non-divers.  It is hoped that this will encourage people to gain this important qualification earlier in their diving progression.

The materials have also been given the same fresh look as DL23 and eLearning will follow in the very near future. 

Going digital

Following the introduction of the updated Dive Leader course and Oxygen Admin SDC, all of the updated course materials including the student pack will be available in digital format only (either digital training packs or via eLearning). 

Dive Leader eLearning, Dive Leader digital training packs and Student record cards are available to purchase online. Guidance on the digital training options

Anyone wanting the old hard copy version should purchase from the BSAC shop while stocks last. 

Students can continue to complete the old Dive Leader course and Oxygen Admin SDC if they are already part way through. Divers on the old DL course can continue to do post qualification depth progression to 50m if they wish.





DL Paper 



DL Digital 



DL Digital + eLearning 



O2 Paper 



O2 Digital 



O2 Digital + eLearning 






Combined DL digital + O2 digital 



Combined DL digital + EL + O2 digital + eLearning 





Dive Leader course

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