Every year BSAC recognises and celebrates the achievements of members and invaluable contribution volunteers make to the organisation.

We are therefore delighted to announce the full list of BSAC award winners for 2022, as announced at the Go Diving Show on Saturday 4 March 2023 – our congratulations go to you all.

Here's the complete list of well-deserving 2022 winners:


Awarded to

Heinke Trophy

Awarded to the branch furthering the interests of all branch members and of BSAC

Ras Al-Hamra Sub-Aqua Club, Oman. Learn more about their Heinke Trophy achievement

BSAC Expeditions Trophy

Awarded annually and presented to the organiser of the most significant British exploratory diving expedition of the year

Kevin Heath and the Gasperados team for locating and identifying HMS Jason off the Isle of Coll. You can find out more about their expedition online
BSAC Expeditions Award 2022

Andy Hunt presents the Expeditions Trophy to Lieutenant Commander Jen Smith, RN, on behalf of Kevin Heath and the team

Alan Broadhurst Awards

Awarded for the use of good diving lifesaving techniques. Presented to the rescuer, acknowledging and recognising their extreme bravery and use of good diving techniques

Gareth Morris; Ruby Wood; Kevin Phillips; Stuart Duff; Anthony Blair; Nikola Telford and Daniel Stepney
Alan Broadhurst Awards 2022

Jon Parlour of BSAC with [L-to-R] Daniel Stepney, Ruby Wood and Nikola Telford

Thank You Awards

Acknowledging Regional Coaches standing down from the role

Cameron Cromwell, Steve Batt, Rowan McCall, Nick Brooker, Lisa Shafe, David Bryant, Bart Goedmakers, Paul Miller, Sam Clarke, Gerard Hughes, John Barton, Steve Slater, Ken Scott
Regional Coach thank you 2022

Dai Atkins, NDO of BSAC with Rowan McCall, Lisa Shafe, David Bryant, Sam Clarke and Steve Slater

Volunteer of the Year Award

Presented to a BSAC member who goes that extra mile in the promotion of the club's aims and objectives

Ginge Crook
Volunteer of the Year 2022

[L-to-R] Simon Harris of Suunto with winner Ginge Crook and BSAC Chair, Edward Haynes

BSA Jubilee Trust Prince of Wales Scuba Award

Awarded annually to the member or group of members of BSAC for outstanding achievement in research in the field of scuba diving

Martin Maple and the Project Baseline Midlands Pools team
Prince of Wales Award 2022

Martin Maple and the Project Baseline Midlands Pools team

Peter Small Award

For ‘the most worthwhile and ambitious BSAC project, conducted in British waters’

Steve Mortimer and the 'Gasperados' for identifying submarine HMS D1

Nationally assessed examination awards

First Class Diver Awards

Awarded to successful candidates of the FCD

 Chris Howells, Craig Daniel and Kathryn Fowler
FCD Awards 2022

[L-to-R]: Craig Daniel; Dai Atkins, BSAC National Diving Officer; Chris Howells

AP Diving Award

Awarded to the candidate proven to have the most meritorious performance in BSAC’s First Class Diver examination

Craig Daniel
AP Diving Award 2022

[L-to-R]: Martin Parker of AP Diving with winner Craig Daniel and Dai Atkins of BSAC

Kent Tooling OWI Award

Awarded to the most exemplary candidate on the Open Water Instructor Exams

 Steven Barbour
Steven Barbour OWI award winner 2022

Steven Barbour is presented his Kent Tooling OWI Award by Russell Field, BSAC National Instructor

Nautilus AI Award

Awarded to the most exemplary candidate on the Advanced Instructor Exam

Chris Petherbridge
Nautilus AI Award 2022

[L-to-R]: Pete Bicheno, BSAC NDC ITG lead with winner Chris Petherbridge and Brett Thorpe of Nautilus

National Instructor Awards

Awarded to successful candidates of the National Instructor Exam

Alex Bicheno and Sam Clarke

Weezle Award

Awarded to the most exemplary candidate on the National Instructor Exam

Alex Bicheno
Weezle NI Award

Paul Child of Weezle presents the NI award prize to Pete Bicheno on behalf of his son Alex

Wilkinson Sword

Awarded annually to the candidate who has the most admirable performance in a BSAC nationally assessed examination

Alex Bicheno

Alex Bicheno Wilkinson Sword 2022

Alex Bicheno is presented with the Sword at home (new baby!)

Congratulations to all our 2022 BSAC award winners.

For more information on the annual BSAC awards, go to bsac.com/awards.


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