BSAC instructors have reached the huge milestone of 20,000 lessons signed off through the MyBSAC app just two months after the functionality was introduced.

This achievement highlights the app's effectiveness in helping scuba divers progress through the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) training programme. 

The app offers a range of features that allow divers to track their progress, view their qualifications, and access training materials. BSAC added the digital Qualification Record Book (eQRB) functionality in February 2023 to support members through their training journey, with snorkel training lessons sign-off even more recently. Instructors are now able to record their students’ progress, add comments and even award grades at the touch of a button.

Benefits of digital QRB 

Recording 20,000 lessons signed off is indicative of the app's usefulness in helping BSAC divers complete their training. By tracking their progress and receiving feedback from their instructors, divers are better equipped to master the necessary skills and knowledge required for each level of training. The app also makes it easier for instructors and branch officers to keep track of students' progress, identify areas that require further attention, and provide targeted feedback and guidance.

The MyBSAC app with eQRB has received positive reviews from the BSAC community, providing a modern and convenient way for divers and snorkellers to manage their training journey. 

Dom Robinson, BSAC Head of Diving and Training said:

Reaching 20,000 lessons signed off is a significant achievement for the app and the BSAC community. It is a testament to the app's effectiveness in supporting divers through their training journey and promoting safe and responsible diving practices.  We continue to develop the digital offerings for members, for example when we added snorkel training to the app.
It's great that so many BSAC instructors have embraced this powerful new tool and are discovering its benefits for our trainees and the organisation.

Get the MyBSAC app 

The latest MyBSAC app release is available now on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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