Navimaps, the UK and Ireland distributor for Navionics and Garmin Navionics, is offering 15% off for club boats (Branch Officers) and 10% off for other members. 

Navionics logo

Navionics logo

This applies to all new chartplotter cards and also to anyone that wants to update existing chart cards. 

The Navionics brand of electronic cartography for the leisure boating market was established in 1984. It all started with a revolutionary idea: the world's first electronic chart display — the chartplotter.

Lowrance Navimaps

Navionics’ cartography database is the world's largest and includes oceans, seas and rivers. This unique and valuable content is available to boaters for use in most GPS chartplotters and the popular Navionics Boating app.

Navionics is ideal for planning and executing boat dives. Of particular interest to divers is the high-resolution Relief Shading found on Navionics Platinum+ and Garmin Navionics Vision+ charts. Manager at Navimaps, Iain Cook said:

This new functionality is a ‘game changer’ for divers! It combines colour and shadow to present an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of bottom structure than contour lines alone. 
Created from multibeam surveys and other high-definition data, the Navionics Relief Shading feature brings bottom detail to life, from shallow flats to deep offshore canyons and even wrecks show in a vivid, colourful representation that helps boaters gain a better understanding of bottom topography for a better diving experience. 

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How do I redeem my exclusive Navionics offer?

Please email or phone 01752 258726 to place your order quoting your membership number. 

 Please note:

  • The offer only applies to GPS Chartplotter chart cards.
  • Your level of discount will depend upon your membership type.
    • Branch Officers (for club boats) -15% off
    • Other members -10% off 

Offer is valid until 1 April 2024.   

The Navionics product range can be viewed at



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