We want your new club to thrive. So, new clubs get some extra special treatment to get them started on the road to success.

When you set up a new club you will receive a support pack with information and resources to get your club started. You will also be contacted by BSAC head office (based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire) and your Regional Coach to see how they can help.

Club support generally falls into the following areas. For support or advice on anything at all please email BSAC or call 0151 350 6201.

1. Dive safe and with peace of mind

BSAC is the national governing body for scuba diving and snorkelling in the UK and takes the safety of all divers very seriously. There is a wealth of safety information online, but should you require any specific advice or guidance please contact BSAC. You and your members will be covered with BSAC's excellent liability insurance. BSAC will support you should a claim be made against you. The insurance:

  • Covers all agency divers (PADI, SSI, SAA, Raid etc), no requirement to crossover or retrain
  • Covers claims against you up to £10m (legal expenses unlimited)

    More on BSAC's peace of mind liability insurance

2. Welcoming and supporting your divers and instructors

It's easy for PADI, SAA, SSI qualified (or other agency divers) divers to dive and train with BSAC. Members with recognised diving qualification do NOT have to do any crossover or further training (unless they want to). There is a straightforward induction process which recognises their qualification and accreditation.
More on other agency divers joining BSAC

Instructors in clubs can teach the Diver Training Programme and Skill Development Courses (SDCs). BSAC’s Regional teams are available to assist you with a range of courses and events to support clubs’ diver training and developing interests. Instructors from other agencies will need to complete the Instructor Crossover Course before teaching the Diver Training Programme. This is a straightforward process.
More on other agency instructors crossing over to BSAC

Unlimited support on BSAC diving and training is available to clubs and members at BSAC's head office in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. Members can call 0151 350 6203 or email BSAC for support. There is also extensive advice and support online.

3. Growing your club

BSAC's number one priority is supporting clubs to grow. There is a wealth of support on offer for clubs. Such as:

  • Tried and tested advice in the Grow your club website section
  • Know and Grow workshops around the UK (and webinars for overseas)
  • Free promotional materials

Clubs up and down the country are growing as a result of the advice and support. Amanda Gartshore of Ilfracombe and North Devon Sub-Aqua Club said:


You might like to know that the marketing effort is starting to work. We had three trained divers turn up at the club last night, 1 has joined, 1 is joining and 1 is thinking about it. Looking forward to try dives and new Ocean Diver trainees now!

4. BSAC network pulling together

As part of the BSAC network you will be able to hook up with other clubs to help each other. The BSAC Pool Share scheme is a classic example of this. This scheme is set up to help clubs support each other with pools. If you do not have access to a pool and would like to share pool time with another club, this is possible. More on the BSAC Pool share scheme.

If your cub has a specific problem or challenge, the chances are, between head office and the BSAC network we'll be able to help. For advice on anything at all concerning your club please email BSAC or call 0151 350 6201.

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