Why choose a BSAC club? We believe you get more from your scuba diving experience as part of a club.

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following, BSAC could be a great choice for you. Would you like to…

  • Further your diver training or instructing?
  • Be part of a social group/community of divers?
  • Be able to try UK diving?
  • Go on group diving trips?

You could achieve these things and more as a BSAC member. Get started today...

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Scuba dive with BSAC

As a not for profit, BSAC is able to do things a bit differently. Here’s how…

Diver and snorkeller training, centred around you

BSAC instructors teach divers and snorkellers to become safe, confident and self-reliant. Rescue skills are taught from the start as standard. Quality time (in person) is spent with highly trained instructors to ensure you learn most effectively.

All-inclusive in-club training

BSAC teaches a whole spectrum of skills so members can organise their own exciting and adventurous diving at a reduced cost.

As we aren't a commercial diving agency and our club instructors are volunteers, you pay for what you get and nothing extra. Simply pay your BSAC membership and club fees and then the only other costs are minimal (e.g. training packs, tank fills, travel costs, etc.)

Club life

Club life is not just about having access to scuba training, it’s about being part of a social group of divers and enjoying diving together.

If you join a BSAC club, as well as quality training and the chance to try UK diving, you also get...

  • To make a bunch of new diving friends.
  • Integrated training and diving progression.
  • Diving opportunities all year round – in the UK and overseas.
  • Access to regionally and nationally organised training events.
  • Access to club equipment such as compressors, RIBs and dive gear.

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