Annually BSAC Council and National Diving Committee (NDC) award a range of members who have made outstanding contributions to diving and to BSAC.

The following awards are presented annually to candidates who successfully meet the judging criteria or have demonstrated exceptional performance in their activities.

Heinke Trophy

Presented to the BSAC club furthering the interests of all club members and of BSAC.

Aqua Lung Award

Presented to the BSAC member who goes that extra mile in the promotion of BSAC and their own club’s aims and objectives.

BSAC Expeditions Trophy

Presented to the organiser of the most significant British exploratory diving expedition of the year.

Wilkinson Sword

Awarded annually to the candidate who has shown the most admirable performance in a nationally-assessed examination – “For Unique Underwater Endeavour”.

Thank You Awards

Awarded annually by the BSAC team during the October Dive Show or BSAC Conference event.

Safety Awards

BSAC Safety Award

Presented in recognition of endeavouring to save a life without involving diving techniques.

Alan Broadhurst Safety Award

Awarded for the use of good diving lifesaving techniques. Presented to the rescuer, or rescuers, acknowledging and recognising their extreme bravery and use of good diving techniques.

Diver Training Awards

First Class Diver Awards

Awarded to the successful candidates of the First Class Diver (FCD) qualification.

AP Diving Award

Awarded annually to the candidate proven to have the most meritorious performance in BSAC’s First Class Diver examination.

Instructor Training Awards

Collins and Chambers Open Water Instructor Award

Awarded to the most meritorious candidate on the Open Water Instructor Exam.

Anchor Dive Lights AI Award

Awarded to the most meritorious candidate on the Advanced Instructor Exam (AIE).

National Instructor Awards

Awarded to the successful candidates of the National Instructor Exam (NIE).

Weezle Award

Award presented to the person who is proven to have the most meritorious performance in the National Instructor Exam (NIE).

Jubilee Trust Awards

Colin McLeod Award

Presented annually to person(s) who in the opinion of the Trustees of the BSA Jubilee Trust have contributed to international co-operation and harmony in diving and associated activities.

Peter Small Jubilee Trust Award

Presented for the most worthwhile and ambitious BSAC project conducted in British waters and is administered jointly by the Jubilee Trust and the BSAC NDC.

Duke of Cambridge Scuba Prize

Awarded annually to the member or group of members of BSAC for outstanding achievement in research in the field of scuba diving. 

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