The Regional Expeditionary Diving Scheme (REDS) is very similar to a BSAC branch (club) expedition but they are coordinated by the regional coaching team. BSAC members from clubs from within a region would normally be given priority for spaces. 

BSAC members from clubs from within a region organising the expedition would normally be given priority for spaces. 

The BSAC Instructor Manual First Class Diver training section defines REDS in the following way:

These are adventurous diving expeditions and exploration at a regional level. They are typically inter-branch (club) activities and may complement branch (club) diving expeditions by promoting expeditions which benefit from the experience of others. Such expeditions are particularly valuable for the development of potential First Class Divers as they enable candidates to be exposed to a wide range of techniques and attitudes.

Your regional coach should appoint a REDS expedition coordinator. There are no set rules on what type of diving you have to do but it should be more 'adventurous and challenging diving'.

To obtain BSAC endorsement for your expedition, submit your expedition application form together with your plan, risk assessment, etc to the Expeditions Advisor. You can find general information on organising expeditions on the First Class Diver page and in the expedition manual which covers the relevant topics concerning the practical organisation of expeditions in general in great detail.

Your regional coach will endorse a REDS Expedition Leader. There are no set rules on what type of diving is to be carried although they should provide more 'adventurous and challenging diving'.

What is adventurous and challenging will depend on the purpose of the expedition and who it is aimed at. An expedition aimed at Sports Divers and Dive Leaders may not be adventurous and challenging for Advanced Divers. However, such an expedition would still be a valuable experience for potential First Class Divers in terms of their building their expedition leadership skills.

On the other hand, an expedition aimed at Advanced Divers may not be suitable for Sports Divers and Dive Leaders. However, such an expedition could be useful in extending a potential First Class Diver's own diving.

Expedition Leaders can apply to the BSAC Expedition Officer for approval of their planned expedition. BSAC Advanced Divers working towards their First Class Diver would make ideal candidates for these expeditions, particularly if they have the support of a First Class Diver mentor.

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