Planning an expedition?

Now you know your objective and you've identified an Expedition Leader, the expedition will require planning. For large or complex expeditions it is recommended that a team helps the Expedition Leader.

Tips to help you in your expedition planning

You’ll want to think about:

  • Obtaining access permission/permits - make sure you receive permission from the land or resource owner during the planning of your expedition. You might need to get permission to access the following;
  • Campsites, car parks, launching/recovery of boat(s), storage of boat(s)/equipment, wrecks and marine parks
  • Organising travel arrangements to/from the expedition location
  • Selecting Dive Managers for each stage of the expedition
  • Ensuring appropriate equipment is available during the expedition
  • Controlling the expedition finances income and expenditure
  • Carrying out risk assessments
  • Finding appropriate accommodation for all ages (never mix adults with minors (except parents and their own children) or minors of mixed sex)
  • Finding accommodation with storage/drying area for wet/dry suits, cooking/catering facilities and car parking (especially if you are towing a boat)

The expedition manual covers the relevant topics concerning the practical organisation of expeditions in general in great detail. The Diving expeditions Frequently Asked Questions may help your expedition planning too. 

Submit your expedition plan

The expedition approval form needs to be completed and sent to BSAC's Expeditions Advisor along with your plan, risk assessment and any other information that supports your application. 

The Royal Geographical Society

The Royal Geographical Society runs courses on how to plan and lead expeditions. These might also be of interest to leaders of dive expeditions. Substantial grants are available from the  Royal Geographical Society.



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