This technical diving exhibition discovered what diving is like at Eyemouth Wreck. The expedition was organised by the BSAC Technical team and dive sites were between 47-62 metres.

With a huge selection of different wrecks lying in depths between 40m – 75m within a distance of 5m – 55m from Eyemouth the Berwickshire coast is ideal for wreck diving fans, in particular, extended range and technical divers. 

Eyemouth wreck diving expedition notes

There are many types and sizes of wrecks that are waiting to be dived and explored. These include trawlers, British submarines, German submarines, warships, armed merchant ships and cargo ships.

Wrecks dived for the Eyemouth wreck diving expedition

  • HMS Patia
    Date: 31 March 2019  
    Wreck and depth: HMS Patia (British fighter aircraft catapult ship) 48-61 metres
  • SS AEPOS (Greece Cargo Ship) 
    Date: 21 April 2019
    Wreck and depth: SS AEPOS (Greece Cargo Ship) 62 metres
  • SM U-12
    Date: 23 June 2019
    Wreck and depth: SM U-12 47 metres
  • SS Athelduke 
    Date: 6 October 2019  
    Wreck and depth: SS Athelduke 55 metres

For more information on how the expedition went, please contact expedition organiser Mike Rowley

Email Mike 


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