BSAC's Council members are a group of experienced divers with a passion for the sport and for helping their members get the most from their diving and snorkelling experiences.

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  • Chair - Alex Warzynski
    Alex has been a BSAC member since 2001, having been diving since 1989. He is an Advanced Diver, Advanced Instructor and ITS Instructor and is a member of the Nottingham University SAC, where he has held several positions including Diving Officer. 
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  • Vice-Chair - Maria Harwood
    Maria is a keen diver who has been a member of Chorley BSAC since 1983, where she has held a number of branch positions including Secretary and Club Development Officer, as well as being a National Instructor. 
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  • National Diving Officer - Sophie Heptonstall
    Sophie has been a keen scuba diver since 1994 when she took part in a try dive on holiday, deciding to join a club and do a dive course upon returning to the UK. Having spent five years in Wales diving with a university club, she moved back to the Midlands and became an Advanced Instructor in 2003, where she worked on the West Midlands Coaching Team as an Area Coach and Advanced Diver Co-ordinator. She most recently gained her National Instructor qualification in 2009.
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  • Honorary Secretary - Edward Haynes
    Edward has been a member of the Fyne-Divers SAC since 2006 and caught the diving bug while stationed in Belize in 1978. Since then he has been on dives around the world, including Hawaii, Belize, Grenada, Oman, The Red Sea and the coastlines of the UK.

  • Honorary Treasurer - Louise Whitehouse
    Louise has been a member of the Leeds University SAC since 2001, where she has held various positions including Diving Officer and Membership Secretary. She has been instructing since 2003, gained her First Class Diver qualification in 2011 and became a National Instructor in 2013, she now teaches regularly at instructor training events.

  • Dave Bell
    A keen member of the Rhondda SAC, where he holds the position of Chairman, Dave has been a BSAC member since 2007 when he crossed over from the SAA. He holds qualifications as an Advanced Diver and Instructor Trainer, has previously been the Regional Coach for Wales.

  • David Brander
    Having been introduced to scuba diving during a holiday in 2006, David joined the University of Nottingham SAC in 2011 and held the position of Club President from 2012 to 2013. He qualified as an Open Water Instructor in 2015 and is currently working towards his Advanced Diver course.

  • Ian Furness
    Ian started diving in 1973 and was a junior member at Leeds BSAC, where he gained his qualifications, including his First Class Diver award in 1991. He is an Advanced Instructor and was Regional Coach for Yorkshire and Humberside from 1990 to 1994 when he emigrated to North America.

  • Adrian Collier
    Adrian has been a member of Bingham SAC for over 22 years, where he has held positions like Training Officer and Diving Officer, he also qualified as a National Instructor in 2015 and became East Midlands Regional Coach. Adrian is a qualified CCR rebreather diver and is no stranger to the water, having competed in sprint canoeing at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and having national awards in both rowing and canoeing.

  • Geoff Hide
    Geoff has been a BSAC member since 1979 and has been an active member of Edinburgh University SAC, where he has held various positions including Diving Officer, Treasurer and Chairman. In 1987 he qualified as an ITS Instructor and is now a Specialist Instructor on a number of BSAC courses, while in 2008 he received the BSAC Scubapro Cousteau Award. He is a First Class Diver and National Instructor, taking on the role of South Scotland Regional Coach in 1990. He has also been active on the NDC Steering group and is the co-author of the BSAC Expedition Manual.

  • Michelle Kim
    Having discovered a love for diving during a snorkelling trip in Malaysia, Michelle has been a member of the University of London SAC since 1999, where she has held a number of positions, including Diving Officer, Advanced Training Instructor and Honorary Senior Treasurer. She achieved her First Class Diver qualification in 2012 and became a National Instructor in 2013.

  • Claire Howard
    Claire is a logistician in the Royal Navy, and has been a member of the HMS Neptune SAC for over ten years and has held positions such as Secretary and Treasurer. She learnt to dive at Hexham SAC in 1986 and when not based on board a Vanguard Class Submarine she can be found diving around the west coast of Scotland, particularly Loch Fyne and Loch Long.

  • Dave Lock
    Dave first learnt to dive in 1968 whilst living in Cambridge and has been a member of a number of clubs, including Loughborough University and BT Research, where he has held many positions. He is a National Instructor who works on ITS and FCD events in the UK and abroad, he is also a former Regional Coach and has been a member of NDC for over 10 years. Dave is also a keen wreck diver, both around the UK and abroad, with a particular favourite being HMS Victoria.

  • Janos Suto
    Janos is a member of the London Hellfins SAC and has held a number of positions including Diving Officer and Chairman. He gained his National Instructor qualification in 2012 and is an active member of the Instructor Training Scheme in the London and South East region. Janos has a particular love for diving in the UK, where he enjoys the sheer variety that it offers, be it a rebreather trip looking for wrecks or teaching in a quarry.

  • Rachel Sharp
    Rachel first learnt to dive in 1977 and, after an eight-year gap she rejoined BSAC over 22 years ago. She is qualified as an Advanced Diver and Instructor Trainer and has worked within the South Eastern Coaching Scheme.

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