BSAC's Council members are a group of experienced divers with a passion for the sport and for helping their members get the most from their diving and snorkelling experiences.

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Chair - Maria Harwood

Maria is a keen diver who has been a member of Chorley BSAC since 1983, where she has held a number of branch positions including Secretary and Club Development Officer, as well as being a National Instructor. 
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Maria Harwood

Vice-Chair - Rachel Quinn

Rachel is born and bred in Nottinghamshire and joined BSAC through Bingham SAC (2018 Heinke Trophy winners) in 1984.  Rachel has held various branch officer roles, including DO, over many years and has been a driving influence in-branch fundraising activities for capital expenditure and on the development of women in diving - advising BSAC policy, leading an all-woman expedition and actively pursuing 'This Girl Can' opportunities in the East Midlands.  Qualified to AD/OWI Rachel ceased diving in 2017 following a DCI but continues to support her branch and BSAC.

Rachel Quinn

National Diving Officer - Dai Atkins

Dai has been an active member of BSAC for 12 years, being involved in club committees and the Wales coaching teams. Being so involved with the BSAC teams Dai gets to listen to other members and divers from all diving, instructing and general interest fields. "Listening to our members has kick-started the BSAC strategy enabling us to move with the times, embrace new technologies, and both develop and grow the organisation so that it suits our members’ needs. And we must continue to do so."
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Dai Atkins

Honorary Secretary - Rachel Sharp

Rachel first learnt to dive in 1977 and, after an eight-year gap, she rejoined BSAC over 22 years ago. She is qualified as an Advanced Diver and Instructor Trainer and has worked within the South Eastern Coaching Scheme.

Rachel Sharp

Honorary Treasurer - Janos Suto

Janos is a member of the London Hellfins SAC and has held a number of positions including Diving Officer and Chairman. He gained his National Instructor qualification in 2012 and is an active member of the Instructor Training Scheme in the London and South East region. Janos has a particular love for diving in the UK, where he enjoys the sheer variety that it offers, be it a rebreather trip looking for wrecks or teaching in a quarry.

Janos Suto

Gerry Anderson

Gerry joined BSAC in 1985 and is a BSAC Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor and a member of the BSAC SE Region Coaching Team. He was a bilingual instructor in Cyprus and Egypt and also Project Manager and Diving Officer in a Raleigh International Expedition in Belize. Gerry is currently the Diving Officer and Club Welfare Officer in his own Branch. “I relish the enthusiasm shown by our members. BSAC has recently made very positive strides forward and I want to further contribute to its progress with the opportunity provided to me by the Council.”


Davs Brander

Davs learnt to dive in 2006 with PADI and in 2011 he joined his university branch and continued his diving education. Since then he has been enthusiastic about diving and helped run the branch as well as learning to instruct all divers that ask to learn. Since joining Council in 2015 he has worked hard to promote student members around the Council table and ensuring student members get a vote at General Meetings. He has also taken on the challenge of BSACs digital offering, helping deliver a new website in 2016. In his second term on Council, Davs hopes to continue the work he has started with the website and take on new challenges with BSAC as a business.
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David Brander

Rachael Brown

Rachael learned to dive with the Leeds University Union Sub-Aqua Club in 2017 and has very much been bitten by the diving bug. She is a qualified Dive Leader and Assistant Diving Instructor and is a keen advocate for all that University clubs bring to BSAC. Whilst new to the Council, Rachael has experience in governance and works within equality projects in Higher Education. She is an Associate Member of the CIPD and enjoys conversations about people, culture, leadership and management.

Rachael Brown

Edward Haynes

Edward joined BSAC in the late 1990s when on a military posting to Cyprus and gradually progressed through to become an Advanced Diver/Advanced Instructor. He initially worked in transport and logistics for the Ministry of Defence (MoD), before changing career and becoming an internal auditor first for the MoD and then privately, where he learned about business governance. Since 2013, Edward has been the Chief Internal Auditor for Allied Vehicles Ltd in Glasgow. He has been facilitating open water training sessions for BSAC members in South Scotland since 2007.

Edward Haynes

Claire Howard

Claire is a logistician in the Royal Navy, and has been a member of the HMS Neptune SAC for over ten years and has held positions such as Secretary and Treasurer. She learnt to dive at Hexham SAC in 1986 and when not based on board a Vanguard Class submarine she can be found diving around the west coast of Scotland, particularly Loch Fyne and Loch Long.

Claire Howard

Mark Lovesey

Mark has been a member since 2003, being involved with BSAC committees in local clubs and is presently the Eastern Regional coach. 'As an enthusiastic and committed diver and instructor with a passion for the sport I want to work within a team of like-minded individuals to help BSAC members get the most from their diving and snorkelling experience. This can best be achieved by successfully helping BSAC tackle challenges directly affecting scuba diving activities in the UK and globally.

Mark Lovesey

James Mudge

James is the Diving Officer, Boat Officer and Welfare Officer of Southampton University SAC, which he joined whilst a student at the university in 2018.  Previously a member of Liverpool University SAC, James has a strong interest in University clubs and has a passion for UK diving, trying to be out as often as possible. He enjoys all forms of diving, from instructing to taking the club boat out to explore the hidden treasures of the UK coastline. James aims to connect as many university clubs as possible, promote their interests and is always keen to hear from other members around the country.

James Mudge

Andy Shenstone

Andy is an Advanced Diver, diver coxswain and OWI in Vale Royal SAC based in Winsford, Cheshire. He’s the club treasurer and dives in the UK throughout the year. Andy is an active branch instructor and leads club expeditions both in the UK and overseas. In his professional life, he is a Director of Business Development for a UK Charity that is focussed on developing the governance, leadership and management of Higher Education. "Diving is my passion and being a member of Council allows me to use my professional skills to support our sport’s continued development and success in the interests of all members."


Vice President - Prof. Brian Cumming

Brian has been a member for 48 years and has been actively involved in clubs holding a number of committee positions including Chairman and Diving Officer as well as being a founding member of the University of East London. Qualifying up to First Class Diver and National Instructor Brian has put those skills to good use as Eastern Regional coach, been an advisor to NDC and a member on the NDC board, has been on BSAC Council in past years and in 2009 became BSAC Vice President. Brian has also compiled and wrote the annual Diving Incident report since 1996.

Brian Cumming

Vice President - Jane Maddocks

Jane has been a BSAC member for many years and her main interest is in maritime archaeology and underwater heritage. She believes that recreational divers are an enormous force for good in exploring, finding and looking after our underwater heritage.

Jane Maddocks

Vice President - Phil Harrison MBE

Phil is an advisor to global organisations unravelling strategic challenges, innovating new enduring products, services and growth models which transform their organisations. He joined the BSAC in 1975, is a National Instructor, First Class Diver and IANTD Trimix diver. Phil is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, awarded for participation a range of diving expeditions, Adjudicator of the Heinke Trophy and President of NORFED. In 2011, he was made MBE for services to scuba diving. Phil was Chairman of the Club for 6 years and is now an Honorary Vice President.


Vice President - Tony Marshall

Tony Marshall

Vice President - Prof. Clare Peddie

Clare Peddie

Life Vice President - Harry Gould



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