BSAC's Council members are a group of experienced divers with a passion for the sport and for helping their members get the most from their diving and snorkelling experiences.

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Chair - Edward Haynes

Edward joined BSAC in the late 1990s when on a military posting to Cyprus and gradually progressed through to become an Advanced Diver/Advanced Instructor. He initially worked in transport and logistics for the Ministry of Defence (MoD), before changing career and becoming an internal auditor first for the MoD and then privately, where he learned about business governance. Since 2013, Edward has been the Chief Internal Auditor for Allied Vehicles Ltd in Glasgow. He has been facilitating open water training sessions for BSAC members in South Scotland since 2007.

Edward Haynes

Vice-Chair - Yasmine Thorn

Yasmine has been a committee member of her local branch for 4 years and has previously supported many large-scale public engagement projects. Yasmine works in HR and recruitment and is passionate about ensuring compliance with legislation as well as inclusivity. As a young woman in diving, of mixed heritage, with a disability, Yasmine is keen to explore existing barriers to the sport for people of all backgrounds and attempt to break those down.

Image of Yasmine

National Diving Officer - Dai Atkins

Dai has been an active member of BSAC for 12 years, being involved in club committees and the Wales coaching teams. Being so involved with the BSAC teams Dai gets to listen to other members and divers from all diving, instructing and general interest fields. "Listening to our members has kick-started the BSAC strategy enabling us to move with the times, embrace new technologies, and both develop and grow the organisation so that it suits our members’ needs. And we must continue to do so."
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Dai Atkins

Honorary Secretary - Andy Shenstone

Andy is an Advanced Diver, diver coxswain, OWI and Snorkel Instructor in Vale Royal SAC based in Winsford, Cheshire. He’s the Diving Officer and club treasurer and dives in the UK throughout the year. Andy is an active branch instructor and leads club expeditions both in the UK and overseas. In his professional life, he is the CEO of NEBOSH, a charity that provides health, safety and environmental qualifications. "Diving is my passion and being a member of Council allows me to use my professional skills to support our sport’s continued development and success in the interests of all members."


Honorary Treasurer - Janos Suto

Janos is a member of the London Hellfins SAC and has held a number of positions including Diving Officer and Chairman. He gained his National Instructor qualification in 2012 and is an active member of the Instructor Training Scheme in the London and South East region. Janos has a particular love for diving in the UK, where he enjoys the sheer variety that it offers, be it a rebreather trip looking for wrecks or teaching in a quarry. Janos is a Chartered Management Accountant through CIMA, and has worked in a variety of finance roles across strategic, management, and financial accounting.

Janos Suto

David Bell

David has been a member of BSAC since 2005 when his club crossed over from another agency, and has been his club’s chairman for almost 20 years. He is an Advanced Instructor and a member of the ITS, as well as a former Regional Coach for Wales. During his working career he was a member of the Armed Forces, followed by the Civil Police attaining supervisory ranks in each. After retirement he decided to embark on another career with the railway, and only retired a short while ago as the local station manager. David brings a wealth of skills to the Council coupled with practicality and common sense.

David Bell

Davs Brander

Davs learnt to dive in 2006 with PADI and in 2011 he joined his university branch and continued his diving education. Since then he has been enthusiastic about diving and helped run the branch as well as learning to instruct all divers that ask to learn. Since joining Council in 2015 he has worked hard to promote student members around the Council table and ensuring student members get a vote at General Meetings. He has also taken on the challenge of BSACs digital offering, helping deliver a new website in 2016. Since joining Council six years ago, Davs has learnt what is important for members and tried to turn that into results.
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David Brander

Carline Deal

Carline joined one of BSAC's longest standing clubs, Bermondsey 42 (London) in 2021 while much of the UK was still under lockdown restrictions. Theory lessons were conducted online until pools opened and practical lessons could restart, enabling her to fulfil one of her lifelong ambitions to become an Ocean Diver. Steadily progressing through Advanced Ocean Diver to Sports Diver with a sister branch in Egypt, BSAC membership has not only brought her diving skills but also friendships and camaraderie based on shared passion for the ocean. Carline is an Army veteran, holds a BA (Hons) in Business management, with a background in finance, neuroscience, and research & development. Her career experience spans 25+ years collectively in the fields of private banking, project management, business strategy, and continuity planning.

Carline Deal

Geoffrey Duggan

Geoffrey joined Leicestershire Scouts Sub-Aqua Unit in 2002, progressing to Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor and Diver Coxswain. Since 2016, he has been the Diving Officer. LSSAU provides snorkel experiences, Try Dives and Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver training for Scouting and Guiding in Leicestershire and the surrounding counties, having over 200 youngsters through the unit in an average year. 

Geoffrey Duggan

John Gibbons

For as long as I can remember I wanted to learn to dive. I finally learned while at university in London, joining ULSAC in 1987. From the first lecture and pool lesson, my life was changed. It provided me with the opportunity to discover the UK in ways most people do not have the chance to experience apart from a nature documentary on the BBC. The friendships I made have endured to this day, as well as introducing me to my future wife. "The challenge for BSAC in the coming years is how to maintain the strengths of the club system and the commitment of our volunteers while at the same time adapting our training and commercial model to compete with other dive training agencies and other outdoor activities."

John Gibbons

Emma James

Emma learned to dive in 2013 and joined BSAC through Chelsea & Fulham SAC in 2022, where she discovered the challenges and beauty of British diving. Emma believes that recreational divers are ideally positioned to lend a hand and voice to protecting the underwater world and marine environment in the UK and around the world. Aside from diving, Emma is an international publishing consultant, having formerly worked at a senior level for global book publishing corporations. In her publishing career, she has been responsible for setting up international partnerships, concluded international licensing contracts, arranged translations in over 50 countries and safe-guarded brand usage and reputations internationally. Emma is a committed supporter of the BSAC strategy and keen to help grow BSAC awareness and memberships in the UK and internationally.

Emma James

Lisa Shafe

Former Eastern Regional Coach, Lisa brings with her nearly 25 years of diving experience on both open- and closed-circuit, diving mostly on wrecks and reefs but also some cave diving experience as well. She is an OWI, CCR MOD 3 and FCD. As well as a passion for diving, Lisa also brings skills in strategy, budget planning, meeting planning, risk assessments, agile ways of working, coaching and other skills. She has already been involved with launching BSAC's improved equality, diversity and inclusion policy and eLearning awareness course, and is looking forward to being able to help drive BSAC and support its strategy over the next year.

Eastern regional coach - Lisa Shafe

Paul Tarn

Paul is a diver of 20 years, an instructor at two South Yorkshire branches, Dearne Valley Divers and Barnsley BSAC, and a member of the Yorkshire Regional Team. "BSAC data analysis is the key that will allow us to strategically intervene to support members and ultimately retain them. Branch support, especially where diver progression is slow, is essential. I also believe that we need to look at how we develop the next generation of instructors. Especially how we bridge that gap between IFC and full OWI status."

Paul Tarn

Vice President - Prof. Brian Cumming

Brian has been a member for 48 years and has been actively involved in clubs holding a number of committee positions including Chairman and Diving Officer as well as being a founding member of the University of East London. Qualifying up to First Class Diver and National Instructor Brian has put those skills to good use as Eastern Regional coach, been an advisor to NDC and a member on the NDC board, has been on BSAC Council in past years and in 2009 became BSAC Vice President. Brian has also compiled and wrote the annual Diving Incident report since 1996.

Brian Cumming

Vice President - Jane Maddocks

Jane has been a BSAC member for many years and her main interest is in maritime archaeology and underwater heritage. She believes that recreational divers are an enormous force for good in exploring, finding and looking after our underwater heritage.

Jane Maddocks

Vice President - Tony Marshall

Tony Marshall

Vice President - Prof. Clare Peddie

Clare Peddie

Life Vice President - Harry Gould



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