BSAC’s success is owed to the dedication and enthusiasm of its members who have a crucial role in governing the organisation. If you are interested in getting involved with the governance of BSAC, you may want to consider one of the following.

Join your club’s committee

Clubs are the backbone of BSAC’s organisational activity and club committees are an ideal way to learn more about the structure of the sport and from there to begin a journey that in BSAC could take you all the way to BSAC Chair. Find a club

Get elected to Council

The national board (more commonly known as BSAC Council) brings together a group of individuals to oversee the activities of the organisation.

BSAC Council consists of:

  • Chair - elected by members
  • Vice Chair – elected by members
  • National Diving Officer – elected by members
  • Honorary Secretary - elected by members
  • Honorary Treasurer - elected by members
  • Not fewer than five and not more than eight other elected  members
  • One independent member who shall be entitled to vote 
  • Chief Executive - appointed by Council and ex officio member of Council 
  • The Patron and the President who shall be entitled to vote

Members are elected for a term of up to three years and are eligible for re-election or re-appointment for a maximum of nine years (Director) or six years (Officer).

What is the role of a member of Council?

Any BSAC member is eligible to stand for election and to do this you must

All members nominated for election are required to present written details of their experience in employment, plus in BSAC and scuba diving and/or snorkelling.

Questions concerning BSAC Council or general matters of governance should be made via email

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