Yorkshire-based Pontefract Scuba Club has totally embraced the BSAC Marine Clean this summer, with the whole club committing to clean up wherever and whenever they go diving.

They recently organised their own beach clean day at Withernsea on the Yorkshire coast, which saw all 23 members as well as family members club together to litter pick plastic from the beach before enjoying a well-earnt fish and chips lunch. Deflated helium balloons, commercial fishing gear and even a 5m length of telephone cable were among the collected items in their impressive beach debris haul.

Marine Clean campaign gains traction

Get involved in the BSAC Marine Clean 2018

Join Pontefract and the many other clubs and BSAC members around the country helping to turn the tide on plastic polluting our oceans and environment.

  • Marine clean as you dive – get together with your club or your dive buddies and organise an Underwater Litterpick – or commit to be an ‘Underwater Litterpicker’ on every dive. The Underwater Litterpick resources will help you get started.
  • Clean up topside – whether it’s part of a family day out to the beach, your surface interval on a club trip or a more organised group effort, make every trip to the coast a chance to have a tidy-up. Beach Cleans – which can also include roads and areas leading up to a beach – can really make a difference in the amount of debris getting into our oceans.

Check out all the BSAC Marine Clean 2018 activities to get involved in.


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