It is estimated that around eight million pieces of plastic waste enter our oceans every day and most comes from land-based sources.

As divers and snorkellers, you can support our marine environment every day. From simply popping discarded litter into your BC pocket on a dive or picking up litter when you're on the beach, to organising an Underwater Litterpick, there are plenty of ways to do your bit.

How to get involved in the BSAC Marine Clean 2018 

  • Marine clean as you dive – get together with your club or your dive buddies and organise an Underwater Litterpick – or commit to being an ‘Underwater Litterpicker’ on every dive. Our BSAC Underwater Litterpick resources will help you get started.
  • Clean up topside! Whether it’s part of a family day out to the beach, your surface interval on a club trip or a more organised group effort, make every trip to the beach or coastline a chance to have a tidy up! Beach Cleans – which can also include roads and areas leading up to a beach - can really make a difference in the amount of debris getting into our oceans. Use our Guide to Beach Cleans to get started.
  • Do it – share it! Collect, capture and upload your Marine Clean 2018 pictures and success stories.

    From a photo of the litter you collect, to a pic of your Underwater Litterpick or Beach Clean team in action, share your BSAC Marine Clean efforts on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #bsacmarineclean to show your support and help clean up your marine environment. 

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