We all want clean seas and beaches free of pollution. That’s why BSAC have partnered with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to get involved with Beachwatch, the UK's largest marine litter monitoring programme.  

About Beachwatch

MCS logoCelebrating its 30th year this year, Beachwatch records the litter found on beach cleans across the UK, providing decades’ worth of data which is used to track sources and monitor levels of pollution on our shores.

Volunteers collect the litter data throughout the year, and particularly during the Marine Conservation Society’s annual Great British Beach Clean, which is running from Friday 15th to Sunday 24th September this year.

Beach clean

The Marine Conservation Society uses the findings as evidence to lobby governments for legislative change to reduce ocean pollution, influence industry practices and drive campaigns to protect our coasts.

The data collected through beach cleans feeds into the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) and has helped have a significant impact on driving down beach litter in the UK. It has influenced key changes such as the introduction of plastic bag charges and bans on plastic cotton bud sticks and microplastics in personal care products. 

Training webinar 

To help you understand and benefit fully from this exciting project, Lizzie Price of the MCS held this training webinar explaining how to: 

  • Set up and carry out a beach clean (including what to bring on the day)
  • Record the litter
  • Submit your results

Learn more

Register with the MCS to get involved with Beachwatch. Sign up for the Great British Beach Clean, and learn more about beach cleans and litter picks with BSAC.

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