Protecting and safeguarding children is of the utmost importance across our organisation and BSAC is committed to ensuring that any child who attends a BSAC club or event will be safeguarded from harm.

All our clubs must adopt and abide by our comprehensive Child Safeguarding Policy.

What should parents/guardians expect?

As a parent or guardian of a BSAC club member, you can be assured that:

  • Your child is safeguarded during their time with us.
  • All people with responsibility for your child will:

    -  be suitable qualified and trained.

    -  have been safely recruited by the club and be DBS checked if eligible.
  • Any concerns about your child’s welfare will be listened to and responded to.

Making contact

You have a right to access the Child Safeguarding Policy and to contact your club Welfare Officer and / or the BSAC safeguarding team should you need to. The best point of contact for BSAC nationally will be the BSAC Safeguarding Officer, Mary Tetley, at or on 0151 350 6220.

What should parents be aware of?

As a parent or guardian, we recommend you make yourselves familiar with…

Key club information and contacts, such as:

  • Website, social media site or notice board which would provide the latest news and updates for members.
  • Your Welfare Officer – who they are, how to contact them and any information on their role.
  • The instructors and poolside team and who to contact to discuss your child’s training.
  • Information about the pool facilities, particularly around the changing rooms and any relevant rules that apply to the facility e.g. the use of mobile devices.

The club’s procedures, such as:

  • Any rules, regulations and codes of conduct.
  • Complaints process and disciplinary process and the relevant contacts.

Always ask the club to make this information available to you if you have problems finding or accessing it.

How can I help support my child and the club?

  • Complete all consent, emergency contact, and medical forms and update the club immediately if anything changes.
  • Ensure your child arrives at sessions on time and is collected promptly. If you are going to be late let the club know.
  • Ensure your child has the right kit for the sessions, as well as enough food and drink.

How can I raise a question about my child’s training or progression?

The instructors and poolside team will do all they can to ensure that children enjoy all the activities and that they progress in accordance with their abilities.

However, if you or your child is unhappy with the training or you simply have questions you would like to put to your child’s instructor, then you should arrange to meet them at a mutually convenient time to discuss further.

All BSAC clubs with under 18s must follow the BSAC Safeguarding Policy.

If you are not happy with the actions being taken to resolve your complaint, you can seek advice from BSAC by contacting Mary Tetley, BSAC Safeguarding Officer, on 0151 350 6220 or

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