Already a dive shop and interested in offering BSAC courses? Want to make the sport you love your job too?

Diver training continues to evolve and BSAC philosophy is to produce highly competent self-reliant divers with excellent practical and theory skills and with safety considerations uppermost.

Our network of over 50 BSAC Centres in more than 25 countries provides them with facilities for enjoying their diving, and for further training.

Why become a BSAC Centre?

  • High-quality, low-cost materials - including Qualification Card and free three-month BSAC membership for Ocean Diver students
  • Entry-level course better value for students (includes Nitrox and rescue skills)
  • Access to largest group of divers in the UK
  • Practical training is easy to deliver and conforms to international standards
  • BSAC allows the instructor flexibility and innovation
  • Free promotional materials
  • Presence on BSAC websites with link to own website
  • Centres can work alongside BSAC clubs - offering training choice for Branch members that want a 'fast-track' route
  • Skill Development Courses and workshops for added income

Centres with existing BSAC Instructor in place can have immediate start-up and there is an easy Instructor Crossover process for centres with non-BSAC instructors

There are six categories of BSAC centre... 

Centre Type Can train up to Instructor requirements Annual fees
Diver Training Centre Dive Leader Open Water Instructor £185
Premier Centre Advanced Diver Advanced Instructor £200
Centre of Excellence Advanced Instructor National Instructor £200
Technical Centre Technical courses Technical Instructor £200
Seamanship Centre Seamanship courses Seamanship Instructor £150
Resort Centre     £185


Get in touch to find out more

For more information contact BSAC on 0151 350 6203 or email us.

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