BSAC has issued the following guidance for clubs to administer their own online theory examinations.

During the lockdown period it has become apparent that the delivery of theory presentations is possible using a variety of platforms to deliver many of the theory presentations within our training programmes.

Where a theory examination is required to be taken as part of a BSAC training course this can be conducted provided that real-time invigilation is conducted.

The method to be adopted for all theory examinations, less Ocean Diver which can be done via the interactive online course materials, is as follows.

  1. Contact the examination candidates and establish which platform is to be used (Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp or Facebook video call, etc).
  2. Ensure that all candidates have audio and video capability at the location they will conduct the examination and the ability to print the examination paper.
  3. Ensure that any resources required such as decompression tables, charts and chartwork tools are available to each candidate on the day of the examination.
  4. The examiner is to email the question paper and the candidate answer response sheet to the candidate once the video conference is open and not before.
  5. Candidates are to be made aware that the examination paper is not to be saved or copied in any way and the email it was attached to deleted once the examination paper has been printed.
  6. Once the candidate has printed the examination paper and answer response sheet the examiner should explain the examination process as stated on the examination’s front page.
  7. Candidates should attempt the question paper and conduct the examination as though in a traditional method. No access to resources other than those listed on the examination and no use of mobile devices other than the one being used to video the activities and for that purpose only are allowed.
  8. The examiner is to actively invigilate the progress and be available to answer any clarification questions and to terminate the examination at the appropriate time.
  9. Answer sheets should be scanned / photographed and sent to the invigilator for marking.
  10. The examiner should witness the examination paper being destroyed.

The above method is designed to ensure that a fair process is applied for all our candidates, whilst maintaining confidentiality of the examination papers. 

If an examination can be conducted in the traditional method i.e. face-to-face and still comply with government guidelines on social distancing etc then this should be the preferred method of conducting any theory examinations.

It is hoped that with the development of BSAC eLearning that Discovery Diver, Ocean Diver and in time Sports Diver exams will be conducted as part of the eLearning programme. (eLearning due to launch at the end of June 2020).

Please do get in touch with any feedback, questions or suggestions. You can email the Diver Resources Team (DRT) or call them on 0151 350 6261.

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