The Dive Leader course quizzes are here to support you in your Dive Leader training through interactive learning. 

The quizzes allow you to review your diving knowledge online using easy to follow multiple-choice questions. We keep track of the score for you so keep trying until you get 100%. The quizzes are based on the Dive Leader student guide so you may find it useful to have the guide with you when completing the quizzes.

Dive Leader course quizzes


Skill Development Courses (SDCs)

Some SDCs share theory lessons with parts of the Dive Leader course. You can check or refresh your knowledge for these SDCs by taking the quizzes for the relevant lessons, as follows:

  • Oxygen Administration Award, Oxygen Administration Refresher: DT2-DT6 inclusive
  • Practical Rescue Management: DT9-DT11 inclusive
  • Dive Planning and Management: DT1, DT8, DT12

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