The Advanced Mixed Gas Diver course is a great way to extend already considerable open-circuit mixed gas diving skills.

The course considers the detailed theory and practice of the decompression strategies needed to dive safely to 80 metres.

I really enjoyed this course and using the decompression theory and practice to extend my range to 80m. I now have the confidence to use all the gas mixes at my disposal to plan a significantly deep dive. 

- Cameron Cromwell, Aldershot Dolphins SAC

Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) course is the ultimate step in BSAC open-circuit mixed-gas training. It introduces a Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m) or Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m) to diving with an extended choice of trimix gases, and qualifies them to dive such mixes to depths of up to 80m, using a twin-set and a minimum of two stage cylinders.

To enrol on the Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) course you must be at least 18 years old and be a Sports Diver with 35m depth certification. You also need to have completed a Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m) course, an Extended Range Diver course (a BSAC legacy qualification) or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency. You should be very proficient at deeper diving, with say 100 or more logged dives.

If you are already an Explorer Mixed Gas Diver(60m) some of the course elements are discretionary.

You will extend the breathing gas mixes that you can use, learning to use hyperoxic, normoxic and hypoxic trimix in sequence to minimise the narcosis you would otherwise suffer at depth.

You will learn to plan and conduct dives to 80m, and extend your practical diving skills to manage increasingly long run times with ascent times of up to 60 minutes.

You will develop your knowledge of deep open-circuit mixed-gas diving, including:

  • Practical diving techniques, including using decompression systems suitable for expedition team diving.
  • Advanced diving physiology.
  • Advanced decompression theory.
  • Deep dive planning including gas choices, gas-loss management and run-time schedules.

The Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) course includes six theory sessions and a theory assessment, and a dry practical session on kit preparation. One or more sheltered-water lessons will cover drills and skills. Then you will spend at least 300 minutes on five open-water training dives to give you plenty of in-water time to practise the skills and discipline needed to carry out deeper mixed-gas diving.

If you are an Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m), some of the theory sessions and open-water dives may not be necessary, depending on your level of deep-diving experience and familiarity with the dive kit appropriate for an 80m dive.

This is a continually assessed course during which students must reach the required performance standards.

An Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) is competent to plan conduct open-circuit dives with mandatory decompression using hypoxic, normoxic and hyperoxic trimix to dive to a maximum depth of 80m.

You could do this course at a regional event, local club or a Technical centre. Not all clubs and technical centres run Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) courses, so please check if you are interested.

Alternatively, book your place on a scheduled Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) course online now.

Not a BSAC member? You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining via a local club. Find a club.

Students will be given a pack of supporting learning materials. You will need full open-water dive kit suitable for local conditions, including a twin set and two stage cylinders each with a minimum capacity of seven litres.

As an Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m), having consolidated your open-circuit deep diving skills, you will be a valuable member of any expedition team. You may decide to further your diving in other ways.

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