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You can get started straight away with the theory knowledge element of BSAC's Diver Training Programme courses and work at your own pace using the BSAC eLearning system. 

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If you're not yet a BSAC member, no worries! Signing up for a course will get you 12 months' free membership, which includes diving liability insurance, ten issues of our member magazine, discounts on dive gear, holidays, and much more!

If your previous training is with another scuba diving agency such as PADI, you can check out our equivalency chart to find out which BSAC qualification is your next step on your scuba journey.

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Dive Leader (23)

As part of the new Dive Leader course, the Oxygen Administration course needs to be completed to be awarded the qualification. The Oxygen Administration eLearning course purchase can be found by clicking this link.

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