BSAC has released its Skill Development Course (SDC) training programme for 2024, which is designed to support members as they plan to continue their diver or snorkeller training development next year. 

Members can already book their 2024 instructor courses online. With the SDC 2024 programme now live, divers and snorkellers can also progress their skills to match their personal interests and diving ambitions.

The full Programme of Events 2024, including both instructor training and SDCs, is now also available on the MyBSAC app so you can directly access it via your smartphone

BSAC Diving and Training Advisor, Julia Branagan, said that, thanks to the MyBSAC app, it is now easier than ever to book on either an instructor or diver progression course:

There are plenty of regional opportunities for members to progress their diving and snorkelling over the next year. So, if you are looking to progress or diversify your diving experience, make 2024 the year you take that next step in your BSAC training.

Responding to demand, the Programme of Events 2024 also aims to facilitate more ad-hoc courses where needed. So, if you are interested in a course that is not currently listed in your area, you can get in touch with your Regional Coach to discuss your 2024 training requirements so that regional training can be tailored to meet demand. 

To find your next training course, including SDCs, for 2024, search or log on to your MyBSAC app.

Book your place today! 

To find your next dive or snorkel training course, including starting out on the journey to BSAC Instructor in 2024 head to BSAC events.

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