As a National Instructor (NI) you can take an active part in the development of our sport, working within BSAC at the highest levels.  

If you are interested in becoming an NI please email National Instructor Chief Examiner with the following information:

Your name and address
Contact number/s
BSAC membership number    
Club name

Please include the following in your email so we can understand your training and experience to date:

  • First Class Diver number and date gained
  • Highest recreational instructor grade (Training agency and date gained)
  • Whether you are an Instructor Trainer. And if so when you attended the Instructor Trainer Development Course (ITDC) and what your current status is (No observes so far, currently conducting observes or fully signed off for all OWI events)
  • Diving instructing experience (brief summary)   
  • Diving experience (brief summary)   
  • Coaching and ITS experience (brief summary)
  • BSAC courses attended
  • Other agency experience
  • Any other relevant information

Once the team has received your email they will get back to you to take things forward. In the meantime if you need any further assistance please email BSAC or call us on 0151 350 6203.

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