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First Aid for Divers

First Aid for Divers
Want to be able to provide first aid in a diving environment?

This one-day course teaches the basics of non-resuscitation first aid likely to be needed in the BSAC diving environment. There is lots of practice on the course (under the guidance of experienced instructors) giving you the confidence to give first aid in a real emergency.  It includes making use of the resources likely to be available at the time including improvisation of dressings and splints using materials and equipment commonly found at the dive site or in a boat.
If you already have first aid training, this course is a quick and easy way to ‘practice, practice, practice’ your skills, while learning the best way to apply them in diving.
First aid skills deteriorate rapidly if not used or practiced regularly so it is recommended that students undertake a refresher course at least every three years.

Entry requirement 
This course is open to any diver.  Experience on dive trips, knowledge of diving procedures and diving related physiology to at least Ocean Diver level is advantageous.

What you’ll learn
• principles and priorities of first aid
• casualty examination, dressings, splinting and moving casualties
• summoning assistance
• shock, first aid kits, wounds and bleeding, bandaging, burns, injuries to muscles, bones and joints, and other diving-related conditions

Learning materials
Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course. The pack includes the First Aid for Divers course manual and a Qualification Card application.

Recommended gear
The following recommended kit is available from the BSAC shop:
Pocket First Aid Mask
Thermal Blanket
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How to do this course...

If you are a member:
You can do the First Aid for Divers course either at a BSAC Regional Event, at a commercial BSAC Centre or in your BSAC club. Not all clubs run their own First Aid for Divers courses, please check with your Diving Officer if you are interested.

If you are not a BSAC member:
You can do this course by joining a local BSAC club and training with other club members or through a BSAC Regional Event. Or you could do the course at a BSAC Centre.

Your next steps
After this course you could further your training by doing another Skill Development Courses (SDCs) such as the ones listed below. Or you could progress with a Diver Grade Course.
Oxygen Administration
Lifesaver Award
Practical Rescue Management
Automated External Defibrillator 

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