If you dive from boats, the skills covered in this award may one day help you to save a life. Holders of the Advanced Lifesaver Award have demonstrated their lifesaving proficiency in rescuing divers into a boat.

I wanted to complete my diver rescue specialism to be eligible for First Class Diver events, but I think this award would be excellent development in its own right.

- Lindsay Doyle, Dacorum SAC

We all dive from boats and the Advanced Lifesaver Award assesses lifesaving proficiency and diver-rescue skills in these realistic open-water conditions, placing an emphasis on improvisation and immediacy. It also covers first aid for injuries likely to be encountered in diving and diving-related activities.

This award is open to anyone who has a BSAC Lifesaver Award. It’s good preparation for the Advanced Lifesaver Award to have attended the Practical Rescue Management, Oxygen Administration and First Aid for Divers SDCs.

As for the Lifesaver Award, additional training before taking the Advanced Lifesaver Award is optional. Your instructor could include a series of lessons designed to cater for the needs of the students. Skills to be refreshed include throwing rescues, controlled buoyant lifts from depth, surface rescue techniques, and first aid. Training will be based on the latest BSAC Basic Life Support Guidelines.

What you’ll be assessed on

The Advanced Lifesaver Award assesses your lifesaving proficiency and diver-rescue skills in boat-based scenarios. The examination has four sections: a throwing exercise, refreshing skills learnt for the Lifesaver Award a controlled buoyant rescue from depth, a surface rescue, and a first-aid exercise and theory test.

Holders of the Advanced Lifesaver Award have demonstrated their proficiency in lifesaving and first aid appropriate for divers in realistic open-water conditions. Rescue techniques examined include a controlled buoyant lift from 20m including a 10m tow to a boat, a surface rescue including a 100m tow.

You could do this course at a regional event or local club. Not all clubs run the Advanced Lifesaver Award, so please check if you are interested.

Alternatively, book your place on a scheduled Advanced Lifesaver Award online now.

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Students will be given a pack of supporting learning materials.

Your next steps – developing your skills

After this course you could further your training by doing other Skill Development Courses (SDCs).

You could further your safety and rescue training by completing the following SDCs.

You could sign up for BSAC’s Instructor Foundation Course (IFC) to become an Assistant Diving Instructor, or develop your existing skills as an Open Water Instructor, or above, to become an Advanced Lifesaver Award instructor.

Or you could progress with your diver grade training.


Not yet a BSAC member?

You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining your local club.

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