In the current climate, training as we knew is on hold. However, clubs across the country are now looking at supporting their members by delivering training remotely. You may have some questions on this, so here are some answers...

Can my club offer online learning for me for BSAC courses?

Theory training can be delivered quite effectively using a wide variety of resources available for online delivery and your club may already be investigating this for club members.

Does BSAC allow this?

Yes as long as the training can be delivered effectively.

How do I get signed off if the lesson is online instead of face to face?

Whoever is providing the online training should maintain records of those attending. If you attend a session delivered by another club, BSAC Centre or directly from BSAC, then you should be provided with some means of verification of your completion (e.g. a simple email could work). Any attendance on a BSAC Webex will be recorded on your membership record and would be visible on your MyBSAC record.

Am I able to attend theory lessons offered by other clubs?

Yes, providing their provision is open to all. Some clubs may give their own members priority first but leave remaining places open to anyone. Make sure that your attendance will be recorded and reported in some way. It also is a common courtesy to inform your Diving/Training Officer of what you are doing prior to attending (you might discover your own club is doing something similar with Instructors you are already familiar with).

Will I be able to take assessments online?

If your club has a means of ensuring the integrity and security of assessments, then yes, you can. For example, you could conduct an oral assessment via video link. BSAC is investigating cost-effective solutions for completing assessments online.

Can all theory modules be delivered remotely?

Some classroom-based lessons are heavily oriented to practical activities (eg. CPR and RB skills, chartwork, gas analysis for Nitrox use) that are not suited to the most common forms of remote learning. It may be possible for some lessons to cover the theory and perhaps formal demonstrations using online resources in preparation for subsequent student practice. 



Have you run online training for your club?

We'd love to hear your success stories and your lessons learned so we can share these with other members - please email with your stories. Alternatively, you can email your hints and tips to so we can update our advice.

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