Dorset coast photography, a discussion on pee valves and a spotlight on Malta all feature in June iSCUBA.

Welcome to this month's iSCUBA issue, coming to you ready for the Easter weekend, before your physical copy hits your doormat next week...

126 June 2022

Open June 2022 iSCUBA

June issue highlights

  • Experienced guide and photographer Pete Bullen gets under the skin of the Maltese islands, and why they make such a fantastic diving destination – pages 50-58

  • Alex Warzynski and Dr Sam Clark investigate the different options for pee valves – pages 34-38

  • Simon Rogerson explores the Dorset coast with his camera, paying attention to natural light  – pages 42-45

  • Regular columns with Kirsty, Yo-Han, and Becky on Plymouth wrecks, leading trips, and nudibranchs – pages 19-23

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SCUBA magazine back in print for 2022

In January 2022, we told members that this year would see 10 full colour printed issues of the magazine sent out to members. The decision to return to a printed magazine comes after a year of alternate print and digital versions which have ensured that SCUBA could weather the immediate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

BSAC's CEO Mary Tetley said:

We know that our members have always enjoyed reading a printed version of their member magazine, and so the intention was always to return to a fully printed SCUBA as soon as it was possible.

With the 10 issues for 2022, we will be able to continue with the excellent editorial and print quality SCUBA has become renowned for. I am personally so pleased to see us return to more printed editions of  SCUBA.

Open June 2022 iSCUBA



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